Tuesday, November 1, 2016


What happens when you find a steal of a deal on tickets to Utah?    

You pack up and make it a mini-vacation!

Here's the recount of our trip, as I wrote to Cami and Emma in their most recent letters:  

We are having a great time here in Utah.  The weather has been exceedingly lovely.  The boys have been off fishing the last two days--Friday with Alex, Devin, Nicholas, and Daniel.   And Saturday with an old friend from Baltimore and his two boys.   Dad flies out today (on Sunday), so he can get back to work.    We leave on Tuesday.    

Here is the fish dinner that Adam prepared all by himself, so that he could finish up his Fishing Merit Badge.  

Today I took a break from the project I'm working on and went to SLC with Heather, Spence (who decided to skip fishing today), and Ellie.   We went to the Hogle Zoo, which was fun, but not near as cool as the National Zoo.   

We stopped by the SLC library, which ended up being a surprisingly awesome place.  
In addition to the beautiful building, it had very interesting displays.   We saw a copy of the Bible from the 1600's, an original folio of William Shakespeare, saw an "elephant size" Audubon book, and some amazing Shakespearean costumes.    We also randomly met a very interesting man from Lyon!   He was Native American, born on a reservation here in the US, adopted by the Catholic church and sent to Spain, then ended up in Lyon, and is now in the US.   He speaks 22 languages and knew absolutely nothing about missions, so I got to tell him a little about what you're doing there.  

Finally we went to "The Pie" for dinner.  The pizza wasn't quite as good as The Brick Oven, but the atmosphere was cool (except for the U of U decor everywhere).   

 Here are some random pictures from our trip....

And now we're off on our next adventure....


Stef said...

Looks like a lot of family fun!

Jennifer McArthur said...

What fun memories! How cool that you ran in to that guy from Lyon with the amazing life story?

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