Saturday, June 3, 2017

Louisiana: State #49!

We finally made it to state #49 (for Glen and Spencer)!!!  

We started off by going on the "Acadian Swamp Tour".    It was a lovely and peaceful tour, which we enjoyed very much. 
The scenery was amazing....

and we enjoyed the opportunity to just sit back and enjoy the sights!  

We also saw some real-deal alligators in the wild, which was kind of the point of the whole trip, so that was cool!  
After the swamp tour, we took a tour of nearby Nottoway Plantation--the largest antebellum mansion to survive the Civil War.   We enjoyed that, but were a little tired and hungry by then, and didn't stay as long as we planned. 
I did love this place setting though....even if it did make my stomach growl even more!  

After that, we headed into New Orleans.... 
and found plenty of food and excitement there....

We met some sister missionaries on their p-day in the WWII Museum.  I was a little sad that we couldn't take them out for lunch or something, but we still loved making the connection!

The WWII Museum is a cool museum and we enjoyed learning all about the south's role in that war. 
We found more good food (I LOVED my meal from "The Ruby Slipper").  
It was interesting to walk around town and see all of the lingering damage from Hurricane Katrina.  
 There seemed to be ongoing construction on every corner and you could see the lines demarcating old from new in many places. 
Our friends, the Harrisons, are serving their mission in the Baton Rouge mission.   They highly recommended that we visit a Louisianan graveyard while we were in town.  

It seemed like a weird recommendation, but it was actually very fascinating.    Because of the high water table there, people are encased in above ground tombs, rather than buried in the earth.    They looked like mini villages and many people do refer to them as "Cities of the Dead".  

Our last stop before heading back home was the French Market....
It was a fun final stop and we enjoyed soaking up a little more New Orleans / French culture before departing for home!    The only downfall of our stop there was that we didn't have as much time as we would have liked to stay and really explore.  
And thus ended our spring break to the deep south!     

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