Thursday, April 28, 2011

Philly Trip: Part Deux

Glen needs the computer to prepare for his stint as early morning seminary substitute tomorrow morning, so this will be a really, really, really boring quick post.

Next on our walking tour was Elfreth's Alley--one of America's oldest residential streets.  

It was very picturesque and we were surprised to find out that people still actually live in them. 
 I imagine that they don't really love the gazillions of obnoxious tourists who stream by their front doors every day and I don't even want to know what they think of the wall climbers....
The kids loved all the cellar doors....

Next it was off to Betsy Ross' home which just had 2 entire busloads of people dropped off for tours, therefore we opted to stay outside and talk about what we knew of Betsy Ross....

Then it was off to the Friends' Meetinghouse, which was a little anti-climatic.  In addition, we stopped by America's first firestation (founded by Benjamin Franklin), but it was closed for Good Friday.  :(

Next it was off to the Christ Church Cemetery where Benjamin Franklin and other notable historical figures are buried. 

Apparently it was viewed as lucky to throw coins on Benjamin Franklin's gravestone.   I thought that it was a little strange and we were lucky that we didn't have a single coin between us, so I could be an honest party pooper when I denied them coins instead of a grumpy one. 

The kids were getting a little bored by the graves...

A few piggy back rides cheered things up a bit though...

Then it was off to our last Philly tourist spot of the day...the US Mint to see how our US coins are made.  They had signs everywhere threatening criminal prosecution if anyone tried to take any pictures once we were indoors, so I opted to keep my camera put away and this photo of the long lines to get in are all I have.  Everyone was REALLY hungry by that point, so it was good that the tour was quite interesting and kept everyone at bay long enough to hold out for what we really came to Philly for....

Real deal Philadelphian Philly Cheesesteaks (next blog post). 

And now I am handing the computer over to my hunny, so he can prepare a lesson on John Taylor and Wilford Woodruff. 

Good night!


Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Philly Trip: Numero Uno

Once again in true Lara-Glen form, our spring break trip was left hanging until the very last  second.  We talked about it all week, but literally didn't know until Thursday morning whether or not Glen was going to be able to finish up what he needed to at work to take the time off.  Ultimately he knocked himself out on the project and last-minute was able to take Thursday and Friday off.  At that point, it took a lot of quick packing and finagling to get ready, especially with some minor car issues to take care of before leaving, but finally we got out the door at about 3:22 in the afternoon. 

Too bad that it meant that the traffic looked like this the entire way....

Instead of being a 2-1/2 hour ride like it should have been, we ended up rolling into Philly after FIVE long hours!!!  Basically that meant that we got there just in time to check into the hotel and go straight to bed! 

The weatherman had said that Friday was going to be a wet, rainy day, so we were all bedecked in raincoats and umbrellas.  Thankfully,  it turned out to be one of those times when the weatherman was a little misinformed and it stayed dry all day, thus making our city explorations much more pleasant. 

The first stop on our walking tour of Philly was Christ Church...a place of worship for many of the Founding Fathers. 

It was a pretty building right in the heart of downtown Philly. 

It was only our first stop of the day, but Ellie was already taking advantage of whoever's arms  were ready and willing....

We were immediately struck by the simplistic beauty and its similarities in pew design to the Kirtland Temple. Since it's still a working Episcopal church, we were supposed to be quiet and respectful while there. 

I was a little worried that the kids would find the church a little boring,  but it actually ended up being fascinating for everyone. 

We thought that this old family bible from the early 1700's was awesome.  The kids loved trying to figure out how the Old English style of writing worked. 

Once my kids started wandering around a little, they started to see what a cool place we were in.  For instance, several of the pews had these little plaques next to them. 

A closer look reveals that that little pew box was the George Washington Family pew.  How cool is that, to sit where George Washington sat 250 years ago?  There were also plaques for Betsy Ross, William Penn, and Benjamin Franklin.  I'm thinking that the LDS church should start with the whole reserved pew system.  I mean it's almost there in practice anyway, why not make it official? 

Ellie found this little cozy corner with some books to read....

 "Mom, look!  They sing hymns too!" 

It was a great way to start our explorations and we ended up glad that we went there first, since it was very uncrowded and the church was closing for Good Friday services starting at noon. 
The Christ Church was something that was unanimously enjoyed by all and at the end of the trip two of my kids even proclaimed this church as their favorite Philly site of the entire trip.   All in all, a great way to get started! 

Coming next.....more Philly adventures, including some culinary delights!


Monday, April 25, 2011

What Happens....

What happens when Lara goes on a five-day blogging break, including three whole days without her computer? 

Besides Lara starting to refer to herself in third person, she ends up with a backlog of a gazillion pictures and no idea where to start. 

So after consulting with her son's cootie catcher, she's decided to go all out of order and start with the Easter pictures....before covering their exciting weekend and subsequent  day of birth celebrations. 

Since we arrived back into town late on Saturday night, there were no dyed eggs or anything for an egg hunt in the morning, but that didn't stop the Easter Bunny from bringing way too much candy for us to munch on for breakfast, lunch, pre-dinner snack, and dinner. 

The kids, not about to be left out of multi-colored finger stains,  spent the afternoon dyeing eggs, with an old-fashioned dye kit.

While Cami and I tie-dyed eggs....

which were literally dyed using old silk ties from the thrift store. 

After the eggs were colored, the kids wouldn't stop obsessing about having an Easter egg hunt, so we decided that for the sake of family peace that perhaps the Easter bunny should do a little belated hiding....

For dinner we had our traditional Chicken Cordon Blue (made by Glen), mashed potatoes (made by Glen), and some biscuits.  We had intended on making a delicious pie for dessert as well, but in the end decided that the 47 pounds of chocolate we each ate would most likely suffice as a dessert status. 
What was your Easter like?  Do you have any really cool traditions? 


Wednesday, April 20, 2011


Besides them turning out a little creepy looking and tasting sickeningly sweet,  they required the dexterity of a surgeon to place the nose and whispers. 



Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Spring Break: The Boring Part....hopefully

It is my hope that I get to post a much more exciting account of the latter half of our Spring Break week, but until then....a glimpse of us in all our boring glory.  :)

Reading BOB books in bed, since Mommy said not to get up too early....

Long walks enjoying the gorgeous mild temperatures....

Racing down the hill...

Playing some LAX with Spence with the old school wooden stick he used when he played for BYU a few eons ago....

Spence and his new fangled metal and plastic stick, happy to shoot around with Dad....

Rocky eating up the attention of the kids being home all day and occasionally putting up with a girly makeover...

Adam wondering if the leaf could double as an umbrella, should the rain start....again.

And then there's me, bravely trying to keep my sanity while entertaining kids, arranging playdates, trying to make some headway on the house, and getting ready for Easter. 

Coming soon....either another very boring post or an awesome account of our first ever trip to Philly. 

Feel free to shower me with your best Philadelphia travel tips, since if you can't tell, I'm kind of hoping for the Philly trip.  :)


Sunday, April 17, 2011

Peeping at Pure Awesomeness

Doo, doo, doo, dee, doo...

I'm just walking around minding my own business.  

La, la, la, la...


What is that beautiful splash of color adorning the lovely, classic style doorway? 

I must get a closer peep at that radiating loveliness. 

Golly gee!   I just can't get over the fantastical usage of the pastel pallet in this peeping sublime work of art.  

Whoa!  Check it out my peeps!   I think that this ethereal piece of artwork is hanging on MY DOOR! 

Just peep at the exquisitely lovely details on this beautimous creation...

Now, if I could just figure out how to keep the pests out of our peeping awesome Easter decor....

 Homeschool or projects don't come any more peepilicious than this....


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