Friday, April 1, 2011

This Week's Gratitude List

I'm grateful to be eating  April Fools' Day meatloaf cupcakes, while Glen is in China eating crocodile.  (he said it tasted like chewy chicken)...

I'm grateful for an up-to-date AAA membership that could come take care of our flat-as-a-pancake tire that happened the day Glen left town. 
 Oh yeah, and I'm also thankful for Glen's comfy coat that he left behind to keep me warm in all this cold drizzly weather. 

I'm grateful for fun food, like these "mashed potato" cupcakes.  They looked surprisingly realistic and were totally worth the cheat day. 

Which brings me to being grateful for holiday traditions, in general, although it is a little shocking at how many of them revolve around food at our house....

I'm grateful for amazing people that have made Cami's year of homeschool all the more fabulous.  This is a glimpse at her Statesman class, which was 1000% better education than any public school social studies class ever could have been. 

I'm grateful for modern technology, because I love technology, but not as much as Glen, you see, but I still love technology.  Always and forever. 

Oh wait, I guess I got a bit distracted there.   

I'm grateful for the technology that makes it possible for Glen and I to exchange texts while he's in China. 

And I'm also grateful for friends that would never judge me based on the number of fingerprints that happen to be on my phone's screen right now. 



Aitch said...

Looks like you guys had a fun April Fools' Day!

Is it just me or do Adam and Ellie practically look like twins in that picture?!

Steve said...

Agree that modern technology is so amazing!

Back when you were in JHS and HS and I was spending several weeks at a time traveling throughout Eastern Europe, there were no cell phones, not even any hotel land lines to make calls out of Prague, Budapest, Zagreb, Wien, Warzsawa, Ljubljana, Leipzig, Bucharest, Sofia, etc. To make a call home, I would have to take a taxi down to the central postoffice and "order" a call to home. Had to pay a sizeable deposit and then get in queue-which would sometimes take hours-often until the middle of the night in EE. And a two minute call would usually cost up to $40.

More often, I would have Mom send me a hand-written FAX to the hotel and would only cost me $12 or so. She would include information about all your school activities, sports scores, track and cross-country meets, etc., etc. Can not begin to describe how hard it was to wait until the front desk would call and tell me that I had a FAX. I would often run down the stairs instead of waiting for the elevator I was so anxious to see the news.

Traveling nowdays is so much easier as I was able to take my laptop to China and take care of all my business on-line. In fact none of my colleagues even suspected that I was overseas for two weeks. Even utilized SKYPE to join conference calls-usually late at night China time much to the chagrin of Mom and Heather.

Even listened on-line to the BYU-Kansas State game in the NCAA on an early Sunday morning while in Shanghai.

Sorry about the flood of memories.

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