Friday, February 17, 2017

Missing Her

I've lost my zeal for blogging.  

It's weird that I've been doing it for 10-whole-years now and have never been able to let it go, even when I wanted to.   Now I desperately want to at least document our awesome trip in October and other big events that have come up along the way and now I can't seem to make myself want to blog.  

And I blame it squarely on Cami.   

Yeah, she's 4000+ miles away living in France, but it's still all her fault.  
Basically all the creative energy I used to put into writing blogposts has now been sucked up by me keeping in touch with Cami.    I spend about the same amount of time writing to her as I used to use for blogging.   I hope to get back to a happy medium where I can blog once a week or so eventually, so that we don't miss documenting this stage of our lives, but for now I'm afraid that this poor little blog will  likely stay neglected for another year or so until she returns (or I figure out how to extend the day a couple of hours).  

And, in case you're wondering, yes, I miss it.   

But not as much as I miss Cami.   

She's been out almost 7 months now and is still serving in Lyon.  She's training TWO companions right now (Soeurs W. and F.), which has proven to be more challenging than she expected.   She feels like both need her attention and it's hard to give both of them what they need.    

She seems happy though, which makes it easier to miss her.   


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