Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Stepping Forward?

Verizon finally came over the weekend and our phones are working again.

Our internet randomly works and doesn't, but it's working now so I can't complain. We're counting the days until Fios is available in our neighborhood.

Had to buy a new keyboard and mouse for my computer, since they felt the vibes in the air and both stopped working this past week.

We got a new garbage disposal installed today.

The thick scum has been removed from my kitchen sink after countless back-ups a day without a working garbage disposal.

Sears is coming to fix our fridge....someday.

Today, when I went to move my clothes from the washer to the drier, my laundry room was flooded with a rush of water (as much from my eyes as from the washing machine).

Lowe's is coming tomorrow.

The warranty just expired.

Don't mind me I'll just be rocking myself to sleep in the corner with the remnants of what used to look like an okay tax refund.


Steve-Rosanna said...

When it rains-it pours seemingly!

Someone wrote about this somewhere a long time ago. No, I am not talking about our old buddy Job.

Sorry that you are being so tested.

Just remember that this too shall pass. And as we say in Oklahoma-the "sooner the better!"

Love, Dad-Mom

mom said...

Man, you are really being put through the wringer. I cannot believe everything that is going on. See you Thursday.

annalisa said...

wow! that stinks with all that is happening. why did that happen to the washing machine? that's fairly new. i mean you got it while i was there two summers ago. good luck! oh yeah i forgot mom's visiting you! yay for you!

K said...

You've had quite the week Lara! I am so sorry. I really hope everything starts working properly again soon! Good luck! Hey, won't it be great that Mom will be there to help in a couple days?

Mirien said...

Oh, those hard decisions. Do you repair? Replace? Fix them yourself? And then pay someone to fix your mistakes? Who wants to spend their money that way when there are so many more fun things to do with it. My husband has to keep reminding me when I stress over such things, "It's only money." I'm just so good at thinking of all the things we could have done with it instead. Only we never would because we're too practical.

alexandra said...

Use all these things as good excuses to not clean your house, let the kids turn their clothes inside out to get more use out of them, and take a good book with you into that corner. Tax refunds don't make for very a very good read.

Aitch said...

Yikes Lara. That's quite the collection of breakdowns in one week. Hopefully having Mom there will make things a little better :o)

Denise said...

Seriously...I would have lost my mind by now...but then again, you were always the better woman!!!

Andie said...

Hi Lara, just got back from a last minute trip to Pennsylvania. We took the Metro into DC to do The Mall and I was thinking the whole time "I bet I am really close to Lara's house!"

Annette said...

Do you think it's safe to drive your van, or what about loading the dishwasher, wait, wait, you better not even think about touching the heat/ac in the house. It might be next!!!!! Oh ya, just to be on the safe side, would you mind not making a comment on my blog for a couple of days ... you know ... just until the curse of "everything you touch breaks" is over?

Good luck!

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