Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Day 83--Joint Birthday Party

Ellie and Elder Packer both blew out the candles on the layered pudding cake Spencer and Emma made for the occasion. Ellie has hardly taken off her princess dress since receiving it and is totally basking in all the attention she gets from old ladies wherever we go.

Elder Packer may have been a little embarrassed he shared his birthday with us after I put it in this week's program so the whole ward would know.


Matthew K said...

Why didn't you have Elder Packer blow out the candles on the Barbie cake? :)

PS It seems like Elder Packer has been in your ward for a long time. But I guess that Christmas wasn't that long ago.

Momma Nielson said...

We're glad you put it in the program cuz we had him blow out a candle too. He's the best:)

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