Monday, March 9, 2009

Scripture and Prayer....Sunbeam Style

Our Primary has an opening exercises before they all split off into their individual classes and sharing time. Each week two children give talks on the assigned topic for the week and another child gives the Opening Prayer and shares their favorite scripture.

This week was Ellie's first turn as a brand new Sunbeam. She was assigned the scripture and prayer.

Ellie REALLY wanted to be able to do it all by herself, so we practiced her scripture a gazillion times this week and by Saturday she could do it just perfectly.

So Sunday morning we pried the kids out of bed at 8:30, only to discover shortly thereafter that it was really 9:30. I guess Daylight's Saving Times is one of those things that's easy to miss when you don't watch any tv.

Suddenly our nice, calm morning turned into complete chaos.

It was a lot of running, scarfing down food, yelling, and even a few tears. Eventually Cami and I go to church early with the programs without even having brushed my hair. Glen rolls in around 11:10, just in time for Spencer to give his awesome sacrament meeting talk about pride and the foolishness of men.

Then it was off to Entertainment by Ellie show Primary...

Opening Prayer by Ellie: "Dear Heavenly Father, Thankful we could come to Sunbeams. Jesus Christ, Amen."

After giggling dies down , then the Primary President announces the arrival of a new baby of one of the teachers that has been called Eliza.

Ellie stands up, starts jumping up and down, and takes thirty seconds to yell to the whole primary that the new baby has the same name as her.

Scripture by Ellie: "We believe in God the eternal Father, unto Him, And in His son Jesus Christ, unto Him, and in the Holy Ghost, unto Him. Is that all Mommy?"

After our initial amusement was done, we were very proud of her for using scripture sounding words like, "unto Him" for her extra phrases. It could have been really embarrassing [although even more entertaining] if she'd chosen less noble sounding phrases like "pretty princess" or "what's for lunch?" instead.


Eyeglasses & Endzones said...

They say the cutest things don't they??? Well, at least she knew it all!!! I am proud for her..not sure that my boys could accomplish that!

Steve-Rosanna said...

At least she didn't "meow" her talk like Nolan A. or "ribbit" it like Andrew.

The late comedian Art Linkletter made a good living from his book and tv series, "Kids Say the Darndest Things".

Out of the mouth of babes.

Good job Ellie Belly-we are proud of you for giving your first Primary prayer and scripture.

Love, Grandpa-Grandma

annalisa said...

i was practically rolling on the floor with laughter after reading this:) that is so cute and so funny!

Lolli said...

So cute!!

Charlene said...

very cute!! and who can resist that dazzling smile while quoting the scripture!!

Andie said...

Oh, Ellie is just so cute! I always have thought Sunbeams are the cutest, though I hardly think I would have the patience to teach them week after week. I leave that the the experts, like my mother-in-law.

Janie likes to insert "and it came to pass" into all her scripture assignments.

Tell Emma to look for her letter soon. I am so sorry we haven't gotten it in the mail. Abby has had it all ready to go since we were on vacation, but then I got home, promptly got sick, and everything has gone to shambles around here.....we'll get it in the mail ASAP!

Life with Kaishon said...

Ellie looks like a little sunbeam : ). So sweet.

Eyeglasses & Endzones said...

Oh, yes, I am from funny that you graduated from here. I graduated in Michigan so you probably don't know me...but we can still be bloggy friends!!! ;)

alexandra said...

I think she did a great job! You never know if the Sunbeams are going to even get up there or not, and she did it all by herself.

Great job, Ellie!!!!

And yeah, I love the enthusiasm at that age!

Annette said...

So cute! I love Sunbeams, they brighten up Primary.

K said...

What a serious little cutie! Way to go Ellie!

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