Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Happy Birthday to Diaperless Days

Need a wet wipe at the park? Don't ask me.

Forgot a diaper at church? Sorry can't help you.

Want to see the latest in fashionable diaper bag designs? Um, well. I never could have helped you with that one, but now you can't even see the latest in old-fashioned clearance rack diaper bags weighing down my shoulders.

It's been a whole year they've been gone. A birthday of sorts.

No more diapers. No more wipes. No more shoulder cramps. No more potty chairs cluttering up the bathrooms. No more hunched shoulders from changing diapers. No more blow outs. No more gagging fits. It's all gone, gone, gone.

I haven't missed them a bit.

Lest anyone out there think that I am a potty training expert after successfully potty training five kids, I'd have to say you're right. In fact I'm practically Dr. Sear's official potty training expert now.

My advice to all of you diaper bag toting Mommas out there:

* Pull-ups are evil.
* Bribery is not.

* And finally just get this "Flush and Cheer" potty seat...

Wish these had been around when I was potty training. It's so cool, your child will potty train themselves.


Steve-Rosanna said...

Oh the memories of the "last" one finally trained and an extra $25-$30 a month in our budget.

And, of course, when the first four of you were babies and we were in college, we still used cloth diapers. And you don't know evil until you have emptied a dirty diaper bucket to rinse out and prepare for washing. Yes, you the younger generation have it easy with the latest high tech elastic waist diapers, wipes, etc.

Of course, the last one finally being trained usually means that it is about time for # 6 :->

Love, Dad-Mom

Denise said...

This post just makes me wistful. Will I ever have cause to celebrate this way? Will I ever be able to throw a birthday party for the underwearing bottom that we can cal our last?

sigh. I will think of this post often -- each and every time Troy begs me to have just one more child.

Charlene said...

I am getting closer to that celebration. With our last one reaching closer and closer to the age of 3 (I know that seems old)I am looking forward to not having to change any more diapers. Especially now, his newest thing is that only mommy can change his diaper and not daddy!!

Lolli said...

It's been almost a year for me too! Amen to everything you said (though we didn't have such a cool potty seat!)

Deanne said...

It's only been about 6 months for us since we said good-bye to diapers and I have to admit it's wonderful! Except for that occasion when I need a wet wipe for sticky hands and faces when we're out and about.

Although...my diaper days are probably not completely over just yet. It's more of a hiatus. So I try not to get too excited!

Andie said...

I am total agreement about pull-ups being EVIL. It's the very first thing I tell people when they ask who are embarking on their potty training journey. Underwear from day one all the way, baby!

Bribery in the form of stickers, toys, games, etc., is still less than or equal to the cost of a month's worth of diapers, so it's a win win situation.

Amen, sister! I am so nearing the end of diapers I can smell it! (No pun intended, of course).

K said...

That potty chair is awesome! We so need to get one!

Mirien said...

Just rub it in, why don't you. A little over a year ago, I, too thought I was done with diapers for good. And as your dad said, apparently that meant it was time for #6, our little surprise.

alexandra said...

Totally stumbled across this post as I finished posting to the preschool blog. Glad I didn't miss it because it's great.

You're so right. Being diaperless is AWESOME!

And yes, Pull-ups are evil, yet I was never smart enough to figure that out with any of my four kids. I'd start each and every one of them in the silly things and be frustrated for months before I'd finally just change them into big kid underwear (or panties - can't forget the one girl!) and let them pee all over themselves and the rest of the house (and us) for a couple of days. Then they'd figure it out and we were golden.

Thanks for the memories!

Kim said...

You are so lucky!! I am going on 14 straight years!! Give me 6 more months and I am with you!! I can't wait!

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