Monday, October 13, 2008

Mean and crazy!

So Cami was really bitter about the last post. She wasn't bitter at the content, since she totally agreed with the whole mean mom bit. No, she was completely resentful at all the comments that were supposed to have sided with her and been all sympathetic about how hard it must be having such a mean mom. The poor girl was distraught all over again!

Well, you long-time readers of this blog know what my kids think/do when they don't like the blog post I made about get THIS!!!!

So when Cami started conniving about the great vengeful post she could make in retaliation (thanks a lot Spence for planting those ideas), I decided to just beat her to the punch:

While Glen will always be my #1, my #2 spot has now changed. I've dumped Patrick Dempsey and replaced him with Nicholas Sparks! Not only have I gone crazy reading half of his books, but like a true groupie I even braved the long lines at our local Costco with three of my kids so my friend Stacey and I could meet him and get our books signed.

So now I guess this is where you should leave all those sympathy comments for Cami about what a mean AND crazy mom she has.


Grandpa-Grandma said...

Poor, poor beautiful Camikins having to put up with such a mean mom!

You need to be patient with your Mom Cami since she can not help but be a mean mom. She is so mean because her mom and dad (Grandma and Grandpa) were so mean to her.

It is the same in all families-as the oldest children always get the short end of the stick and the younger children always get spoiled. Just imagine, we made your mom babysit all her siblings when she was just ten years old. And she had to do ALL the chores while her younger siblings sat around playing their Ipods and Wii games.

So, please be patient with your poor mom since she loves you very much and tries hard not to be mean.
But, she can't help it since we were so mean to her. And you have to be careful or you will be mean to your oldest children!

We love you Cami and we are sorry that we are the cause of your mom being mean to you!

Love, Grandpa-Grandma

annalisa said...

hahahaha! i'm laughing right now, because i can't help but laugh at the post. i've read a few of his books too and i like them. and cami i like your dress and i'm sorry your day was so traumatizing yesterday!

Matthew said...

I am also bitter now. According to dad, the other kids had Ipods and Wii games when we were young. Why didn't I ever get to play them? And why didn't I hear about their invention until 2005 or so?

Andie said...

I am laughing out loud for two reasons:

Ryan recently posted a random comment to our blog about MY crush on Patrick Dempsey in retaliation for my post about HIS obsession with Sarah Palin. Although Ryan says my crush is inherently worse, as Patrick Dempsey is a liberal.

My older kids have their own blogs and Nolan recently posted about my screaming rant with our HMO's automated phone system. I was just trying to get a person, for crying out loud!

I'm totally adding you guys to my blog list, too! You crack me up!

Pete said...

Cami - I could see your ankles in that dress, so I'm with your mom. Sorry. You have to understand that your mom was raised by your grandma who does not allow skin below your neck to be visible. We once went to Hawaii and your grandma went swimming fully-clothed. True story.

Lara - did Costco make you buy ten of his books?

Matthew said...

I can actually verify Pete's story, Grandma did go swimming fully clothed.

Rosanna said...

Not true Pete and Matt, since I actually rolled up the pants legs of my jeans to go wading at Haunauma Bay. It was the first time that my poor white legs had seen the sun in more than twenty years (amd the last time)!


Lara said...

I personally don't remember mom swimming fully clothed in Hawaii, but it truly doesn't surprise me either. It's definitely something I could picture mom doing!

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