Friday, October 31, 2008

The Plight of a Middle Child Born on a Holiday

As if it being the middle child in a big family wasn't bad enough, Emma had to make her plight even worse by being born on Halloween! The poor girl's been half-ignored since she was born and it's even worse on her birthday! :)

A little glimpse into her very special 8th birthday:

At 7:00 this morning Cami opened her own "Crazy Hair" salon with 2 of her friends joining in the giant, colorful, frenzied hair fest!

Meanwhile Glen labored to make her favorite breakfast of crepes and eggs, and Emma got to open her presents (the only time of the day there's an ounce of time). Of course don't ask for any pictures of the rushed breakfast that Glen didn't eat a bite of or of her opening presents...they don't exist (just like her baby pictures).

Then it was mad fest of getting kids to school and rushing to get last minute items for crafts and birthday treats to take to Adam's and Emma's classes...

Emma's teacher would not allow anything even remotely Halloween-y, not even a it was a fall craft or nothing.
As you can see Adam's teacher was a little more laid back about the whole thing.

Adam's hair-do for "Crazy Hair Day" was the hit of the school!

Someday maybe she'll let us celebrate her birthday on a weekend to show her what it's like to have a more civilized birthday....

in the meantime happy birth-o-ween to my sweet Emma and happy Halloween to all of you!

Now I gotta run do my visiting teaching...after all it is the last day of the month and all.


Grandpa-Grandma said...

Happy-happy 8th birthday Emmakins!

It was good to talk on the phone with you a few minutes ago and we sure wish we could be there to celebrate your birthday and attend your baptism in a few days.

We love you birthday girl.

Love, Grandpa-Grandma

P.S. Tell Adam we love his pumpkin hair!!

Charlene said...

Happy Birthday Emma. Caleb was supposed to be born on that same day, but I didn't want to deal with Halloween and birthday on the same day. He was born on the 26th, and I am glad to see I made the right choice!

C and Co. said...

Oh kindred spirit...thanks for the post!!

annalisa said...

happy birthday emma boo! i hope you had tons of fun!

annalisa said...

p.s. i like the top picture of emma!

K said...

Happy Happy birthday Emma dear! I hope you had a really fun birthday! I can't wait to see you next week!

Adam your hair looks awfully cool!

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