Friday, October 10, 2008


And the winner of the sweet giveaway is....


I was worried about how I would pick the final winner. Should I take the first response? Or put all the names into a hat? Or make some more pies for everyone?

But it turns out I worried for nothing, as Denise ended up being the only entrant that wasn't about to go on vacation within a 20 mile radius of me!!!

Thanks for all the nice compliments! I really didn't expect that anybody would actually do that part of it, but they certainly made my day!

I hope you enjoy the pie Denise and I hope you didn't mind the surprise delivery. I REALLY needed to get out of the house.



Denise said...

SERIOUSLY! Lara, you made my day.

I've sent you an e-mail to tell you how much.

Thanks for thinking of really helped!!!!

Troy said...

Lara -- I tried the pie (more often than I'd like to admit), and it was pretty darn good....In fact, it was great! The extra weighed I've gained, thanks you!! Seriously, anytime you want to bring a home-made apple pie, feel free!

Steve-Rosanna said...

Hey Wawa, where's my apple pie?!?

Mom and I are trying to swear off sweets of all types, but had decided that a piece or three of your delicious-looking pie topped with a scoop or two of fat-free ice cream would only take a week or two to work off.

Lucky Denise!

Please remember us the next time you have a pie to give away.

Love, Mom-Dad

annalisa said...

lara, just so you know, you are amazing! and a wonderful cook! (i got to eat your cooking almost everyday for a summer and i enjoyed every dish:) congrats to the winner of lara's amazing apple pie! lara is awesomely cool!

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