Friday, October 10, 2008

Official Declaration...

Official declaration of the day: Ellie is hereby forbidden from catching any more stomach viruses!!!

After last winter's bout that knocked her flat on her back for more than a week and ended with a trip to the ER, we've been so nervous about what her next bout would be like.

Now ten months later we've found out. We were optimistic when last Tuesday she threw up twice, caught a fever, and seemed tired, but otherwise fine after a couple of days. We hoped that that was the end of it.

Sadly it was not to be, as after five days or so of seeming mostly fine it's returned with a vengeance! After being up all night with her last night where she was vomiting every last half-teaspoonful of liquid that crossed her lips, I was bracing myself for a repeat of last year's long drawn out horror.

Although she now has officially thrown up more than any of my other kids combined (seriously), I am happy to report that she finally seemed to have turned the corner this morning and has begun keeping small amounts of liquids down.

I can not even tell you what a huge relief (and answer to prayer) this is for me! I have been having a hard enough time keeping everything together with Glen out of the country for a couple of weeks....I didn't need an ER visit too.

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