Sunday, October 26, 2008

Photo Tag...

So I swore I was done with tags, but this one from Denise is different than most. So I thought I'd give it a try on a slow Sunday night.

It's a photo tag. I was to go to the sixth folder in my photos and post the sixth photo.
And here it is...a photo from Cami's baptism day in August 2005.

How fun to go back and reflect on that special day shared with many friends and relatives, especially since in a few weeks Emma will be doing the same thing!

Since I guess it's part of the deal...I'll tag a few people who I hope won't get mad at me for tagging them: Aitch, Clarinda, and Kristina (and anyone else who wants to try it too).


K said...

Thanks for tagging me Lara! Cami looks cute and really young in that picture.

annalisa said...

i agree with k, cami does look young. and is adam asleep or upset? i like the picture!

Aitch said...

I had forgotten what a good job I did on Cami's hair that day :o)

Can't wait to come for Emma's baptism next month!!

Steve-Rosanna said...

Hard to believe that Cami was ever that little and that it was only three years ago that she was baptized. She has such a pretty dress. And is it my imagination or is Cami's hair much blonder then than now?

Will Emma be wearing the same dress for her baptism?

Thanks for the memories!

Love, Grandpa-Grandma

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