Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Spencer's Worst Nightmare Come True...

I used to have nightmares about forgetting to get dressed all the way or about knocking my date out cold with a golf club. I'd always be so relieved when I woke up to realize that it was just a dream or in the case of the golf club incident that he was really a jerk anyway and deserved it.

So what kind of incident could possibly be THAT bad for Spencer? Maybe his pants falling down in public or squirting milk out his nose in front of a girl?

NOPE! In Spencer's case it would be showing up to a youth fireside and being the only one wearing a suit. Even the Bishop was dressed casually! Of course you have to understand that this is a kid that hasn't worn a collared shirt by choice in over 9 years and that it normally takes him 7 seconds flat after returning home from church before he's back in his shorts.

So what kind of nightmares keep you up at night?


Andie said...

Oh, that's terrible! Poor guy!

My worst nightmare is being in 9th grade on a stage in an auditorium full of people accepting an award wearing a knee length dress and having my pantyhose fall down around my ankles.

Unfortunately, I really did live that nightmare.

Thanks (again) for the late night laugh!

Denise said...

Mine would be being in the 7th grade parade of nations and walking around the stage with my dress tucked into my panty hose.

Thank you very much.

There are fates WORSE than a suit, I promise.

glen said...

I'm so sorry Spencer. That sounds like a drag!

As previous posters have said, it could be much worse. My 7th grade nightmare come true was finishing lunch in the school cafeteria and wanting nothing more than to go to my next class in anonymity. Unfortunately, I drew the attention of the school football captain who happened to be demonstrating the proper use of a wet towel doubling as a whip. He caught me with a direct hit in the upper thigh (much to the delight of the entire full cafeteria) causing extreme pain to shoot through my whole body. I don't recall ever feeling smaller in my life limping to my next class! I guess if that's my worst memory, I shouldn't complain too much.

And now for my hidden agenda in leaving the post - PLEASE DON'T FORGET TO RECORD THE BYU GAME FOR ME TONIGHT. IT IS ON VERSUS (either channel 603 or 608) AT 8p.m.! Thanks and I can't wait to see you tonight!!!

Deanne said...

Oh, how awful! =)

When I was in 7th grade I was out riding my bike with my girlfriends and saw some of our (boy) classmates playing outside. I waved and said hi, right before I hit a parked car and flew up on the hood of the car! The worst part was that the chain came off my bike and I had to walk my bike back to my girlfriend's house. Talk about a deflated ego!

alexandra said...

Spence, I had a friend in college that was always a fabulous dresser and we all looked up to her. Her motto was "better overdressed than underdressed." See, you're well on your way.

And as far as worst nightmares, either coming true or not, I can't think of any off-hand -- at least that I'm willing to share in a public forum!

Charlene said...

my worst nightmare was in the 11th grade and I was at a pep rally. I saw a boy I liked standing with a group of his friends, and I wanted to meet him. I had to climb over the gate to see him, and I graciously climbed over the gate and fell flat on my butt in front of him and his friends! it probably doesn't sound too much like a nightmare, but it was horrifying for me who was trying to impress this boy-the funny thing is, I can't even remember who the boy was!!!!

Kim said...

Sorry Spencer!! I absolutely hate dresses and am in them exactly 3 hours 20 minutes a week. I have also over dressed for firesides!! I feel for you bud!

Steve-Rosanna said...

As an old man, I have too many worse nightmares to even begin to ennumerate-even if I could remember them in my old age.

My favorite most embarrassing moment actually happened to a good friend of the family who took his date to eat in the restaurant at the top floor of the BYU Wilkinson Center.

As soon as he sat down at the table after seating his date, a girl he really wanted to impress, he noticed that his zipper was open and quickly tried to zip it back up so no one noticed.

After eating for a while, his date got up to go to the powder room, so like any well-schooled gentleman, he got up to assist her and when he did drug the whole tablecloth, spaghetti dinners, drinks and all onto the floor as he had zipped up the tablecloth in his zipper.

He admitted to feeling about six inches tall as everyone looked at him and the waiters all glared at him. On top of that, the girl would not ever go out with him again.

Aitch said...

One of the funniest "nightmare" stories I've ever heard involved a blind date, an ice-skating collision, and an underwire bra. I'll leave the rest up to your imagination :o)

Deon said...

OH my--Brian would have died, and then killed me because certainly it would have been my fault. Our worst nightmare happened at an airport. I was DYING to move back to the states after living in Seoul for 3 years. We got the airport and....our three year old's passport was... EXPIRED!!! I thought it was a bad dream. It was not a pleasant week waiting to get a new one and to get new flights.

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