Monday, October 6, 2008

At least we try...

Does it really count as Family Home Evening if during our 20 minute lesson:
  • there were four "desperate" trips to the bathroom,
  • two separate fights over where people were sitting,
  • one giant stomp out of the room with a door slammed,
  • tears shed because they didn't get to hold up equal numbers of flannel board figures,
  • after one of the aforementioned trips to the bathroom someone comes out and asks why the towel rack was ripped out of the wall, after which my demolitionist child immediately covered his face and hid,
  • AND there were no treats since they'd all been snitched earlier in the day?
I did, however, manage to have an opening and closing prayer AND Ellie does now know that it was John the Baptist who baptized Jesus and not the Holy Ghost, as previously thought. So maybe that counts for something...


Steve-Rosanna said...

You are not alone, as I once heard a GA (whose name I have long forgotten) in a stake priesthood leadership meeting tell a very similar story about his family and their occasional adventures with FHE.

And, of course, the FHEs of your childhood sometimes ended up the same way-and we were never nearly as well prepared as you are. In fact Mom used to lament that it seemed like a fight was on the verge of breaking out every Monday evening just as it was time for FHE to start.

Just a testimony of the importance of FHEs to families since Satan works so hard to disrupt them.

There is no need to worry as it is normal and you and Glen are doing amazingly well.

Love, Grandpa-Grandma

C and Co. said...

Oh Thank You!!! There are other families out there like ours!! I think our FHE went exactly the same way tonight. Keep up the good work!

Deanne said...

It all sound so familiar and we only have 2 kids. What will it be like when we add a few more? ;)

Denise said...

There really are brownie points in heaven for you.

Charlene said...

We are happy if we last five minutes without something happening! Glad to hear we are not alone!

JenJ said...

Of course it counts. And I know your kids. They know their parents "knew it." :)

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