Wednesday, October 29, 2008

The Reason Why...

Why the sudden uptick in my blogging lately? Here's your answer...


Charlene said...

Looks like I am not the only one without a husband this week!

K said...

I've also been without a husband the last couple weeks. It's so sad. Unfortunately, I don't blog more when he's gone.

I like your graph!

Deanne said...

I understand this relationship. Are you still calling-less too? After your last calling, that would leave lots of spare time on your hands, I'm sure.

Steve-Rosanna said...

What a dilemma you face trying to juggle two worlds around your own personal universe.

No matter how much both you and Glen wish he were home earlier and more often, we the recipients of your eloquence and creativity of your blog are forever enriched.

So while we join you in the wish that he did not have to work quite so long and hard, we also are hopeful that the quality and quantity of your postings will not diminish. So, there's the rub as Frederick said in "The Pirates of Penzance". You somehow need to combine/satisfy both constituencies

There must be a happy medium somewhere-but the deciding factor (his work requirements) probably takes this out of your hands until Glen leaves them for greener pastures (hopefully somewhere far nearer than DC!).

Sometimes, we are not sure how exactly you accomplish all that you do. Truly a driven type "A" first child.

We love you Lara!


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