Thursday, October 9, 2008

Sweet Giveaway!

What do you get when you cross an entire bag of Granny Smith apples picked straight from the tree on Saturday with an overzealous burst of baking on Thursday, and then a lower than expected turn-out for book group (the reason for the baking), a family that's already consumed two apple pies in the last week, and sick kids to keep me from going out visiting?

You get a sweet giveaway, that's what!!!

All you have to do is leave me lots of comments, tell me why you love me (you don't really have to do this part--I really was kidding, although I am enjoying the nice pick-me up today!), and let me know when you can come pick it up...and it's all yours!


K said...

yummy, yummy. you're the best older sister in the whole world and i love you because you are such a great listener and a great friend.

i will be there to pick up my pie in a few minutes.

Lara said...

Just think of it Kristina...if you lived here in the great state of Virginia you could be eating some of this pie for breakfast tomorrow...a true breakfast of champions!

Thanks for the nice compliments, I didn't actually expect that anyone would do that part of it! :)

glen said...

To my beautiful, caring, fun-loving, inspiring wife. I can smell the pie all the way in Tokyo. Can you FedEx one to me?

Alexandra said...

I should have hit you upside the head last night and made off with it while I had the chance. And let me just tell everyone that it looks better in person!

Alas, we're leaving town today and won't be able to take you up on the offer. {sigh}

Oh, and I love you because you're amazing in every sort of way. I'm still not sure when you sleep!

Deanne said...

My mouth is watering from the one you gave us last year. Maybe I can talk Justin into taking a weekend drive to DC for some apple pie! ;)

Denise said...

Oh! I TOTALLY want to win this...

I love you because you are a truly lovely person, kind to one and are a wonderful mother who inspires me to be a better are a faithful blogger, who inspired me to be a better blogger...and really, I love you, because you inspired me to start digital scrapbooking...and without that, where would I be?!?!

I can be there tomorrow.

Charlene said...

In the words of your last blog, "Totally unfair!" How am I suppose to pick it up when I win the giveaway!:) I love you, because you were there for me when I really needed help-it was the time you helped me with my apartment and move to BYU. I knew that I could count on you for help, and always will.

Steve-Rosanna said...

Just like always-a day late and a dollar short!

It looks so delicious. Promise that you will make us one the next time we come out that direction.

Love, Dad

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