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November 2017--Thanksgiving in Utah

We serendipitously happened upon great prices for airline tickets, so we decided to go to Utah for Thanksgiving.   It had been a number of years since we'd been there for a holiday, so it was extra fun to be there and have a good excuse to see lots of extended family as well.

One of my girls' favorite activities at Grandma and Grandpa's house is to play dress-up with the old prom dresses that belonged to me and my sisters.  I was excited to join them this year and was thrilled when I fit into my dress from 25-years ago!

We also took advantage and went on a few hikes.

We hiked the Y twice....once by ourselves....

and once with the Bournes.  The Bournes are good friends of ours from here in Virginia and now that Cami is married to their oldest son, I guess we're related too!  {NOTE:  Cami was still on her mission at this point}

Adam and I hiked up to Rock Canyon, where Daddy proposed to me all those years ago.  

Meanwhile, Emma hung out with friends from home on BYU campus--Miko, Rachel, and Diana.   They showed her around and got her extra excited to be a student there someday!  

We also discovered a fun new ice cream place.  It's inside the restaurant, "Good Thyme Eatery" on Center Street.  It's called, "Roll with It" and they make the best rolled ice cream around.  I ate a non-dairy version and honestly thought it was the best non-dairy ice cream I'd ever eaten.

They all start off as liquid and the worker makes it into ice cream on a super cold metal surface right in front of you.  Yum!

We spent a lot of time at BYU....

We went to Glen's cousin Stephanie's baby blessing....

We loved the opportunity to spend time with my sister, K and her family who were visiting from California...

The kids enjoyed the opportunity to spend time with their cousins...

We also got to see lots of extended family....including my Uncle Buddy, his family, my Nana....

and lots of my Mom's siblings that came to Thanksgiving dinner at my parents' house.

We randomly decided to try running a 5K race on Thanksgiving morning.   I struggled in the altitude, but somehow still finished 2nd in my age group.  Granted, with my advanced age, that doesn't mean much, but I was still proud.  Don't laugh at my obnoxious running apparel....I did not come prepared to run a race and the pilgrim hats were part of the "costumes" that they provided.

Here are the goofy t-shirts we got from the race....

I made and ate lots of pie....

And just enjoyed the opportunity to spend time with some of my family that I don't get to see as often.

I'm sure that lots more happened in November, but this is all the blog is getting this year.  :) 

The Last Eight Months or So

Wow, I've really this blog slide.  After ten years of regularly keeping it up, it was having a family missionary that finally did me in.   Now she's back home again and my family keeps mentioning to me how much they miss having the blog as a family record, so I'm here to give it another go.  

Since I'm so far behind,  let me just start with a summary of the last several months.   And you'll probably notice at a glance, that it's been a pretty exciting and full several months, so there are at least a few things I need to expand on with separate blogposts before I get back to blogging about the present again.   Let's hope I can stay on top of it again!     

Okay, here's the summary....

November--We spent Thanksgiving in Utah

December--Glen found out that his position at work was being discontinued as of February.

I ended my year-long chocolate fast.

We made a goal to visit the temple every week until it closes in March.

January--Cami returned home from her mission on January 30.  

February--Cami spent most of the month of February at home.   She had her mission homecoming, Garrett came for a visit, they got unofficially engaged while he was here, then on February 27 she flew to Utah where he officially proposed.  

Glen's job ended and we had to adjust to him being at home all the time too.

March--Spring break to Savannah, Georgia.  And lots and lots of wedding planning.

April-- Cami and Garrett got married in the Salt Lake Temple on April 21.  Clearly this deserves a blogpost of its own, so stay tuned for more details and pictures coming soon.

Also, Spence moved to Utah to stay.

May--We took our long ago planned trip to visit Cami's mission to Southern France.

We realize that, because of a stupid glitch,  our health insurance has been cancelled.

Homeschool conference in Williamsburg.

June--We had Cami's reception here in Virginia.

YW camp for Ellie, Emma, and me (and Glen)!

Adam went to  scout camp

Glen and Adam head to high adventure.

I think I'll try and do a little post on each month.   Stay tuned for more.....

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