Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Have you noticed?

that suddenly my tummy is saggier and the circles under my eyes have gotten darker?  

There's a good reason for it....I have a new baby in my house. 

 She's so sweet!   It's taken me a while to get the hang of her personality and little quirks, but it's been so worth the late nights getting to know her fun, smart personality.  

And truly you've never seen such beauty.  I hate to admit it, but she's so much better looking and graceful than her clumsy, awkward cousins (no offense meant).    Oh, and did I mention how smokin' fast she is?  She's quite the powerhouse for a someone so little.  

So without further ado, here's a little snapshot of me with my new little Mac-y poo. 
Isn't she a thing of beauty? 


K said...

You got a Mac and didn't even tell me? She is beautiful!

Grandpa-Grandma Crain said...

Beautiful indeed! You've been wanting one for so long.

Buy, why a MAC? Is it faster than your old PC? Definitely prettier and more classy than a PC.


Have fun with it.

Kim said...

Yeah when I got my new laptop for Christmas my friends came and petted her and asked if we should throw a shower for my new baby!

Andie said...

We are having a new baby at our house this week too! Actually, the baby is three years old and Ryan's work is selling the baby for $90.

You and Glen look so cute with your fraternal twins! :)

Deanne said...

How fun! Now I totally expect to see an influx of blog entries and digi scrapping pages. Get to work! =)

alexandra said...

Welcome to the dark side.

annalisa said...

lara you are hilarious! and congrats on the new baby:)

Steve said...

And we didn't even know that you were expecting. Congrats!

By the way-a WARNING about your new little one. Be sure and put her somewhere safe once AnnaLisa arrives or you will never see her again. AnnaLisa loves to hog the time of the newer and faster ones like you have. She will sit there for hours checking her e-mails, commenting on all the blogs, checking in on Facebook, and her new favorite-Twitter. Then she will start the same cycle over again ad nauseum.

So, consider yourself warned!

Denise said...

now that is the kind of child i could get on board with!!!!

K said...

AnnaLisa uses Twitter? That's news to me. I guess we better hide all of our computers before she comes to town too.

C and Co. said...

Okay, I know it's totally illegal, but I covet your Mac!!! I am constantly fighting with PC to stay connected to the internet, etc. etc. ARGGG!! Enjoy your new friend.

Annette said...

When my computer crashed with some nasty virus last month, I swore I was getting a Mac. Every day I complained about my computer. Then a couple weeks ago Jaremie and I met for lunch to check out the Macs. When I realized how expensive they are, I stopped complaining ... although ... I would still like one.

Are they really that fabulous for photos?

annalisa said...

i don't have any flippin' idea what twitter is. dad is exagerrating.

Steve said...

Attn: Lara Anne & Kristina

Please note that my remarks about your baby sister AnnaLisa were all totally tongue-in-cheek.

My comments were absolutely sarcastic-since A.L. has no idea whatsoever what "Twitter" is...and neither do I.

So, your new Mac-y poo will be totally safe when A.L. comes.

And with that said, maybe now she will forgive me!


K said...

I was just teasing too AnnaLisa. I could tell dad was exaggerating. He has a tendency to do that sometimes. (o: Don't worry we have enough computers for you to tweet all day long. HAHAHA! (o:

Clarinda said...

Ahhh...congratulations! I didn't even know you were expecting. Have fun!

Lara said...

Don't worry AnnaLisa, I know not to take Dad too seriously. But I do have to mention that I'm disappointed to find out that you don't really twitter. I was going to tell you to add me as a friend. :)

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