Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Cute and Trendy!

I've never been one you would call trendy. Frumpy clothes, sensible shoes, no muss hair styles, Scrabble lover, five kids, bookworm, home schooler, blogger, heck I even drive an 8-year-old minivan. I may as well wear a polyester sweatshirt that says, "I am the captain of the Geek Squad."

I used to think that I was just making a statement by my non-compliance to society's fads, but now I realize that I'm just so clueless that I don't even recognize that a fad exists until it filters down to the racks at Costco, which is where I believe trends officially cease to be trends anymore.

While my ineptitude at noticing trends has had the effect of making me decidedly UNtrendy in most aspects, in one it has made me TOO trendy...

Naming my children.

There I was scouring our family tree looking for classic names that would never go out of style and lo and behold I pick the trendiest names on the list.

Most of you have probably heard that Emma, who we named after her great-great-great-grandmother, has just been crowned the #1 name in America. (Just remember we picked the name BEFORE Rachel and Ross did).

And if you go here to this website, you will also see that Camille is the #1 girls' name in France and Ellie is #2 in Scotland!

Even more shocking...if you go here you will see that LARA is in the top 100 in the UK popularity lists right next to Zara. Can you believe it? Lara!? The most misspelled, mispronounced, misunderstood name I've ever had.

Just think, if I lived in the UK right now I could walk into any old store and find a keychain with my name on it. Or a license plate to hang on my bike (or as the case would have it my minivan window). Or {eek!} even a pack of cute stickers I could use to label my dictionaries.

You might just have to call me Lara G. just to know which Lara I was.

If I lived in the UK my name would be cute and trendy!!!!!
Just like me!


K said...

You are no doubt a trend setter in the UK. Nice pic of you and Glen. You've got some really special hair? Is that supposed to be the current trendy haircut?

Denise said...

seriously Lara. I am in awe of your mad photoshop skills.

Kim said...

Lara you could have grown up with the name Kim Miller. There were three in my high school alone! I was always getting in trouble for one of them!

Sven Pasternak, Esquire said...

Ms Goold, on behalf of Ms. Holmes and Mr. Cruise, we must immediately request that you cease and desist from your reckless use of their copyrighted images.

We have no record of any official application of request for permission to reproduce.

It is my duty to let you know that this is a violation of the DMCA copyright infringement act of 1998.

If this violation and illegal use of the Ms. Holmes and Mr. Cruises images are not removed forthwith, we will be forced to seek legal remedies in a court of law.


Sven Pasternak
Olson-Larson-Olson-Peterson and Pasternak

Steve said...

Lara, I just spoke with Tom and he promised to defend you in court against the Cruises. You will be in good hands!

Lara said...

Just remember Mr. Pasternak I have FOUR, yes four, attorneys in my family and your attempts to sue me would be totally pointless! In fact, you may as well just relabel this photo with the proper names, Glen and Lara and go on to your next case. You can tell TomKat to go jump on someone else's couch.

Annette said...

Very trendy indeed. And I like your new blog header.

Charlene said...

Yeah, we have an Emma too, and I read about her name being #1. What can I say? We have class and style! just look at that classic picture of you and Glen!!

Deanne said...

Hmm, maybe you're actually the trend setter? Could it be that everyone is following your lead and you are much more trendy and cute than you give yourself credit for? It's all in your perspective. =)

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