Monday, May 4, 2009

MBA Class Syllabus

Professor and successful entrepreneur Emma Kristine will teach you the basics of running a profitable business and how to maximize your profits.

#1--Pick something you love (like lemonade and cookies)
#2--Pick the right partners (like a sister and two friends)
#3--Find the loudest yeller possible to be your main advertiser

#4--Price your goods right (75 cents for a glass of lemonade, $1 for a cookie, $2 for a dozen cookies, and $2.15 for a lemonade and a cookie)
#5--Pick your venue right (minimum cars per hour: 2)
#6--Quality is everything. Taste test everything to make sure it's okay, then let everyone else taste test it too.
#7--Don't underestimate the power of relatives with deep pockets as customers


PS You're all invited to a lemonade and cookie party at my house tomorrow.


K said...

I think I would like a dozen cookies. That's a pretty sweet deal!

Taste testing is the best part of selling, isn't it? Looks like fun!

Steve-Rosanna said...

A right of passage that all of us did at one time or another. Of course prices are far higher now than they were in the old days.

Looks yummy Emma! Please save a couple of cups and a dozen cookies for Grandma and I.

No doubt you are destined for a successful business career.

Love, Grandpa-Grandma

Denise said...

sounds like a chip off the old block! lol!

JenJ said...

I have successsfully avoided having to have a lemonade stand in our front yard all these years. Am I terrible? It looks like so much fun for the kiddos....

annalisa said...

i'll be there with bells on for the lemonade and cookie party:)

Deanne said...

Looks fun and sounds delicious! Wish we could swing by for a treat.

Eyeglasses & Endzones said...

I would like to place my virtual order:

2 dozen cookies...$4.00
(1) Gallon of Lemonade $5.00

Adorable kids on the side of the road: PRICELESS!!!


K said...

We will be there for the party today or is it tomorrow?

alexandra said...

Aw, man! I can't believe I didn't read this until today!

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