Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Rain, Rain...

You probably think I'm going to say, "Rain, Rain Go Away", since I'm about as fair weather fan as they come.  I pretty much like sunshine and temperatures in the 60's or 70's and that's about it.  But after a couple straight weeks of constantly dark skies and near daily rain storms, I'm changing my tune a little...

A few reasons why I'm not minding the rain so much anymore:  

--Clean car.  When it rains and rains and rains, there is no time for dirt and pollen to collect on our cars.  

--Projects.   I don't have to feel guilty for putting off that big planting/lawn project I'm planning since every day is either threatening rain or already raining.     

--Menu planning.  It means I can keep all my favorite soups in my menu for a little longer, before switching over to a summer menu. 

--Sports practices.  Everything is canceled, sometimes even before it actually starts raining, so my trips out of the house are cut to a minimum.  

--Sleep.   All this rain is keeping Glen from waking up at 6:00am for his morning bike rides.  That means more sleep for both of us!

--Hairstyle.  After completely disastrous attempts at styling my hair after a new haircut, I realize that it doesn't really matter.  I can just blame it on the rain.  

 --Fashion.  The cute raincoats I bought for Ellie, Adam, and Emma for $3 each at Unique are getting put to good use. 

Cute raincoats, delicious warm soups, clean cars, sleeping in...what's not to love?

Uh, wait. You don't have to answer that.  


Steve-Rosanna said...

We have had an abnormally wet and cool spring and we love it. Alpine had a record 5.50" of rain in April and our snowpack remains at well over 110%.

Five of the first seven summers we were here were very, very dry and most of the resevoirs were at all-time lows. The Great Salt Lake and Lake Powell are both still recovering from the long-long drought. Some of the channels in Lake Powell from Wahweep are being re-opened after almost six years.

Although too much rain can get tiring, I still love a cold dark rainy day. Enjoy the sleeping in and the break from chauffeuring while it last-since it will clear up soon enough.

Love, Grandpa-Grandma

annalisa said...

those are awfully cute raincoats! i also don't mind cool, cloudy rainy days. especially here in utah when it doesn't happen as often as elsewhere :)

Deanne said...

Good points! Way to look on the "bright side" of all these rainy days.

Charlene said...

those are cute rain jackets!! do you guys usually have this much rain?

alexandra said...

Wait! You have a SUMMER menu?

Lara said...

I guess it was a little bold for me to call it a summer menu. Basically the cold weather soups and baked items get traded in for lighter fare {like lunchmeat sandwiches and bagged salads}. I wish I could say I liked the change, but every year I'm so happy when it's cold enough for soup again.

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