Sunday, May 17, 2009

Awesomest Prize Ever...

If you guessed in this post that Cami wore ELLIE'S sweater to school, then you guessed it right. I've heard of little sisters stealing borrowing their older sister's clothing before, but it struck me as particularly humorous (and unusual) that my almost 12-year-old wore a size 4T sweater to school. I do have to admit that it did look very fashionable and I'm sure that none of Cami's friends ever suspected the source of her stylin' new cardigan, but still.

And now for the moment you've all been waiting for....the awesomely cool prize of a super secret nature that's not worth any money, but totally priceless.

A blog post dedicated solely to soliciting nice comments for my sister Heather (the first one to guess correctly).

Random facts about Heather:

She is probably the only person in the world whose nickname is  "Aitch"..

After six years as family champion she beat my ACT score.

She has traveled all over the world--Africa, Middle East, Europe--and hopes to be able to see the rest of it soon.

She likes my cooking.

She is the only one of us siblings to return to our (c)old roots in Minnesota.

She is a woman above her years--she's had arthritis since she was 20 and could rival any 70 year old on her daily pill count.

She loves my kids.

My kids adore her.

My girls think that any outfit picked out by Aunt Heather is way cooler than anything picked out by mom (of course they're probably right on that count).

She was the first one of 3 attorney siblings (plus one in-law) to graduate from law school, although we still think she should have been a masseuse.  Consider yourself warned that you may not want to sue me.  

Don't know what to say to Heather? Just tell her how lucky she is to have me as a sister.

... or something like that anyway.


Steve-Rosanna said...

Awesome post about an AWESOME baby girl...who someone hinted is almost thirty years old. How is that even possible?

Thanks for sharing Lara!

Love, Dad-Mom

K said...

I do think I'm lucky to have such AMAZING sisters!
Is that last picture from her visit this weekend?

Denise said...

omgosh! seriously, Lara, Emma wore Becky's sweater to church looked like 3/4 length sleeves and was just darling.

How funny!!!

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