Saturday, May 9, 2009

Dear Mom,

I just wanted to take this opportunity at Mother's Day to pour out my heart to you in a public forum.

First I wanted to thank you for all the support you've given me through the years. I know I wasn't the brightest kid around and I appreciate you not getting upset at me for all the stupid things I've done. Like when you almost had to remove me from your insurance policy for causing so many broken bones and dislocated limbs (was that 4 that I was directly responsible for?). Of course with me only being third smartest how was I to know that I shouldn't put my feet in Dad's bike spokes while it was moving? Thank goodness after the second time I did it, I knew enough to realize that bikes were NOT my friends.

How grateful I am that you are not one to hold a grudge, like the time when you thought I was so sweet for bringing you a drink of water without being asked. Too bad you didn't notice the water was yellow until it was too late. While a child of greater intellect (like H or Tim) at least would have flushed first, a lesser Mom surely would have screamed (louder).

As a mother of a teenager now, I am especially grateful for your patience with me at that time of my life. With my mood swings and clothes hogging ways I know I wasn't the easiest to live with. Thankfully most of Kristina's scars have healed from where I pinched her for stealing my clothes, but unfortunately time will never erase the sour expressions on my face in all those pictures where I was pretending to be a supermodel.

When I look back at that time in my life I know that without your stalwart direction that I would not be who I am today. Faithful family home evenings and family prayers were just a small part of the guidance you gave me. I pretty much know that if we had called our tv table a coffee table like most people do, that I'd probably be drinking coffee right now. Or at least Mountain Dew.

Although most people might call you serious natured, I know that it's just because they don't really know you well. The day you hung up this sign on our fridge was the best and the worst day of my life:
The worst because I loved chewing gum and I knew that I had failed you in a big way(and continue to fail you to this day) and the best day ever because it was then that I realized that my Mom was totally hilarious!

So, without further ado I need to go fold the "arbs" (see Mom, I know a bad word when I see one and would never want to embarrass you by typing out B-R-A on the internet where everyone [even boys] can read it!)

Although I know all too well that I'm not your favorite child (PETER!!!), I hope that by publicly baring my soul like this that you will know that truly you are my favorite mother. Really, I would never exaggerate that kind of thing.


Your favorite oldest daughter (now that's a title I can live up to),

PS Happy mother's day to all the rest of you mothers out there too! 


Steve said...

A sweet and wonderful post Lara. Mom and I had a wonderful time reminiscing as we read your tribute to her.

Your mother (and my sweet wife) is truly the glue that holds our family together and makes us all better people.

Thanks for sharing! And for making us laugh.

Her greatest tribute is to know that you are cut out of the same mold and are diligent in teaching your children principles of righteousness embodied in the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Thanks for being the wonderful oldest child and role model you are to us all.

Love, Dad

K said...

I would really like to know more about that water incident. I don't think I ever heard about it.

Happy Mother's Day!

Eyeglasses & Endzones said...

That was soo sweet. I'm sure that the pee in the glass was humorous but wow! I would have screamed! Happy mothers day!

K said...

I just noticed that Mom appears to be wearing the same jacket in all three of those pictures. Apparently, she likes the jacket. (o:

Deanne said...

What a sweet post. I most enjoyed the pictured of you and your siblings when you were younger. That look on your face is almost identical to the looks I see on Spencer's face in all your pictures. What comes around, goes around, I guess. =)

If that's true in all things then I'm NOT looking forward to Sophie's teen years (judging by how I acted as a teenager)!

Charlene said...

what a wonderful post about your mom!! I got teary just reading about the yellow water (LOL)
Hope you had a great Mother's Day!

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