Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Glen's First Century!

What? You don't think he looks like a centenarian yet?

Well, it's true. As of Saturday evening he's officially the hottest looking centenarian EVER! After running several marathons he decided that he needed a new challenge in his life, thus he has moved on to bigger and better challenges!

On Saturday he braved the thin, dry air of Utah and rode in his first ever 100 mile bike race (a century in biker's terms) with his brother Alex and my uncle Buddy.

Look at those wimpy Utah trees--if you could even call them trees!

After braving swarms of bugs and 80° temps he's still got a fist pump for the camera!

And here's another fist pump in case anyone was wondering how happy he was to be nearing the finish line. (His brother Alex is right next to him there)

And they're still smiling after 100 miles! Way to go Glen!!!!!


Annette said...

That's a lot of miles! All in one day? How many days until he feels like riding a bike again?

Mikayla said...

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K said...

That's completely amazing! Congrats Glen!

Steve said...

Absolutely proud of you Glen! You are certainly growing older very gracefully.

But, Uncle Buddy still wants to know how a 50-year old can smoke a couple of 30-somethings??

Congrats on your first of many centuries!


Charlene said...

congrats Glen!! and Lara when are you going to do your 100?

K said...

Have I mentioned yet that I love your new header? It's awesome!

Deanne said...

Wow, that's great! Good job Glen!

Chelsey said...

I love the comment about the wimpy Utah trees. Lara everything you talk about is better b/c you told the story. Glen is so lucky to have you!

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