Thursday, May 21, 2009

9-1/2 Years Down....One More to Go!


When we moved to the DC area in January 2000, Spencer was quickly invited to join a co-op preschool group to take the place of someone who had just moved out. Spencer had never been in preschool before and we were excited about the opportunity, but little did we know then the decade long adventure that I was embarking upon!

After that first half year with Spencer before he went off to kindergarten, I've gone straight from one preschool group to the next with each child. Two years with Cami. Three years each with Emma and Adam since they have October birthdays, including one of those years that overlapped and I was a part of two groups at once (double the fun?). Now Ellie is half way done with her two years and I'm seeing a light at the end of the tunnel!

Somewhere along those nine and half years these preschool groups went from just being a cheap way for our kids to go to preschool to an exciting way for my kids to have the best preschool experience ever (I have also become a bit of a zealot over the years)!

I've loved the other moms and kids we've gotten to know over the years and in fact some of my very best friendships have developed through my preschool associations.

And I'm totally in love with the things they've learned. They've learned about heroes that have made our country great and the beauties of the world around them. They've learned about artists and then tried out their style of art. They've learned music at the feet of professionals. They've learned character traits to help them be a better person and most of all they've been taught by mothers that exemplify and live those same character traits; by mothers who love them and feel passionately about teaching their children too. Money can't buy that kind of education. (Dang, now I'm all teary eyed and can hardly see the computer.)

I better get off my soapbox now before I ruin my keyboard and embarrass myself any further by continuing to bare my soul.

Today I took my last turn teaching for the year and I think the reality that this phase of my life is coming to a close in one short year is hitting me hard. I know this kind of preschool is definitely not for everyone, but I am grateful for the experiences we've had.

Plus, how can you hate cute little preschoolers crawling on your floor pretending to be caterpillars while they ate their caterpillar snack and saying, "I am a caterpillar. I'm getting big and fat."

and then turn into beautiful butterflies?

I will miss these days.


Deanne said...

What on earth will everyone do when you "retire" in another year?! I'm sure the future preschool groups wouldn't have a problem with you still joining in the teaching rotation even if you don't have any kids in there. =)

I have to say THANK YOU for introducing the whole co-op preschool thing into me. I have loved that past 2 years that I've been involved in it (even though the second year was in Michigan). It's such a wonderful thing!

Steve-Rosanna said...

Deanne is right...what ARE you going to do with all your extra time? Blog more? Create new blogs? Maybe homeschool ALL the kids? Maybe take a longer nap each day?

Imagine the possibilities! So much to do and so little time.

Maybe we can all help you brainstorm a bit when the time comes.

Love, Dad and Mom

Chelsey said...

Just have to say that my last home school preschool child told me that she wants to be a "mommy teacher" when she grows up. What is that? I asked. "Oh you know. You are a mom and some times you teach school at our house. That is what I want to do." We will probably put her in a regular preschool next year but I will always remember how awesome I felt being a "mommy teacher" At least one of my kids appreciated it enough to want to emulate!

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