Wednesday, March 18, 2009


Just to be perfectly clear:
  • I really did just receive a Christmas card with pictures of me and the kids in bathing suits.
  • It was from a friend and she was NOT trying to be funny or mean.
  • I thought I could make myself feel better by PRETENDING that it was really a photoshopped April Fool's card.
  • I'm not really 25.
  • I haven't weighed 110 lbs. in a long time.
  • I have gray roots 85% of the time.

  • I think I'm totally hilarious and perfectly clear at 11:00pm when I write my blog posts.

  • Glen and the kids let me know more often than not that I'm not near as funny as I think I am.

  • This doesn't stop me from continuing to write unclear, semi-funny posts at 11:00pm in the name of a cheap outlet for my pent up silliness.

  • Now excuse me while I go back pretending to be a 25-year-old super model with a wicked sense of humor, and smashingly good writing skills.


Steve-Rosanna said...

Sounds like a mini-mid life crisis!

And you are way too young for that.

No way that you are almost 36. If so I really must be freaking old.

Love, Dad

K said...

No matter what pics I ever see of myself, I will always be 25 and 110 lbs. Why is it that cameras are always playing jokes on me anyway?

Jen said...

It was already hilarious, but seeing your disclaimer made me laugh even more. I don't like pictures taken of me period, but especially not in a swimsuit. Yikes. Now I'll go back to my pretend land where my house is always clean and kids are well behaved.

Denise said...

I get you Lara. No disclaimer needed.

alexandra said...

You are all of the above (referring to the final bullet of course). Post on!

Eyeglasses & Endzones said...

Uh, that sounds to me like something you need to post...I am speaking of the Christmas card...I think it would be therapeutic for you!!!

Kim said...

In case you care I think you are funny! (but I do read you at 11pm!) So while you are back to 25 can I have the naps I use to take and the cute hair and clavical bones back!:)

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