Saturday, March 21, 2009

Sonnet to Springtime

by Lara, age 17
(written on an icy January day in Minnesota)

In honor of the first day of Spring (yesterday) I have decided to share this sonnet I wrote as a senior in high school. It's not that it's that great of a poem, more than it captures the essence of my yearning each winter for the color and warmth of Spring again. Minnesota winters were SO long and hard for me, but even now that we live in a much milder climate, the arrival of the blossoms, gentle showers, and warm sunshine each year is something that fills my heart with hopeful anticipation for the days ahead.

The sky is azure blue, the grass is green.
The hyacinths are peeking through the ground
The hibernating animals are lean.
The sounds of songbirds echo all around.
The golden sunshine bathes and warms the earth;
A gentle shower washes dirt away.
The rain gives nature and the world rebirth,
And a radiant rainbow arcs its way
Over the mountain and into the trees,
Reminding the world of a promise made;
Never again would that gentle spring breeze
Be drowned in a flood, for a price now paid.
Spring will always come in life giving cheer;
Just remember who made all we have here.


Aitch said...

I'm very impressed with your sonnet. Glad you were brave enough to share it with us on this lovely spring day (even here in Minnesota).

P.S. I'm writing this comment on my new Macbook! It's so fabulous! (And it likes your blog better than my old laptop.)

annalisa said...

i'm also impressed by your poem writing! go lara!

Steve-Rosanna said...

Impressive indeed. I remember how hard winter was on you back in MN.

The long dark and cold days of a Minnesota winter made everyday life pretty dismal and depressive at times.

But, because of hope like you so aptly describe-we all survived.

And thanks heavens for warmer climes.

Thanks for sharing.

Love, Dad and Mom

P.S. At least we didn't have 'fleas' (the verification word)

susette said...

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Charlene said...

thanks for the poem from one MN person to another! I can feel the warmth coming soon!!!

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