Friday, March 6, 2009

Unfair Treatment

Guess what happens when you walk into Camille's Sidewalk Cafe and announce that you have a Camille with you?
Booyah! They give you a 10% discount on your whole order!

Now I can't figure out why, when I went to Trader Joe's, they completely refused to give me a discount on a case of Larabars!

Personally I think Larabars are pretty nasty tasting, but it's the whole premise of getting preferential treatment that I'm after, so I'm considering changing the spelling of my name to include an umlaut (isn't that what you call those two dots?) and see if that gets them to change their mind.

(kind of sophisticated looking isn't it?)


Stefan said...

Vell, meine liebchen, Du kommst von gute Schwedish blutlineage.

So, eine umlaut ist keine probleme fur dich.

L'a'ra = Laura

annalisa said...

lara,you're hilarious! and let me know if you find a cafe or candybar named AnnaLisa because I want to see what they will do with that one when i come in:) and yeah lara you should change the spelling of your name. that would be special:)

Lolli said...

Haha! SO sorry. That is so unfair!! ;)

Denise said...

You need to write to corporate is what you need to do. Seriously.

Burrito said...

I am changing my name to Burrito Pizza Nacho Crain.

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