Sunday, July 8, 2018

January 2018--Coming Home!!!

The most exciting thing that happened in January was right at the end of the month, but since it eclipses everything else, I'll start with that.  

On January 30th, Cami returned home from serving for 18-months as a missionary in the France Lyon Mission.  We hadn't seen her at all in that time, had only been able to communicate by email once a week, and had only talked to her a couple of times, so this was a HUGE deal and we were very excited to be able to spend time with her in person again!    

Here's the video of the big moment when we saw her for the first time at the airport:   

We had made signs for the occasion...

And invited immediate family to join us for the occasion...

It was soooooooo wonderful to be reunited again and we would have loved to have kept her all to ourselves....  

but we invited a few close friends to meet us at Cafe Rio, so that they could talk with her too!

After Cafe Rio, we took her to meet with the stake president where she was officially released as a missionary and got to take her tag off.  It was an emotional moment for her.   

After that we took her out for dessert at Magnolia (a funky new bakery in town)...
And ate up every moment we could with her.   


Okay!  Now that we got that big excitement taken care's the recap of the rest of the month.

In December our stake president reminded us that the temple would be closing for two years starting in March and that our time with a temple nearby was fleeting, so Glen and I made it a goal to attend weekly until it closed.   This was definitely a stretch in our busy schedule for us, but it ended up being such a happy blessing and we loved those weekly reconnections with God!

January, six years ago, is the month Spencer was diagnosed with AML. It's been six years, but I still always get a restless anxiety that kicks in each January as memories of all of that time flood back to me.   It gets a little less with each passing year, but it's still something that plagues me, so  I've decided that one way to address this anxiety is to do something meaningful.  I can't remember when I started (last year maybe), but I've decided that I will donate blood every January in Spencer's honor.  I have to be careful to take my iron pills to make sure they'll let me do it, but it's officially a tradition now that I hope to keep up for the long term! 

This is the jug of milk that made me cry right in the middle of the grocery store. 
On the missionary mom Facebook page, it's a thing to look for milk jugs that expire on the day your child is returning from their mission.   I saw this milk a good couple weeks before she was coming home and it unexpectedly made me cry.   I was soooooo restless right before she came home!  

And here are some more random pictures from January...

We finally raked our backyard...haha! 

This was a missionary youth activity the kids participated in and I helped a little with...

Loved that Rocky tried to jump in the photo with us!

And that was a super fast recap of January 2018!

Monday, July 2, 2018

December 2017 --Baptism, Zombie Problems, and a Chocolate Fast

We started off December with my nephew, Davin's baptism.   He was a cutie pie and it was fun to spend the time with their family.  We also enjoyed running into one of Cami's friends (Elder Duffy), serving a mission in my brother's ward.  


Don't ask what got into me, but I randomly decided that I was going to make the coolest white elephant gift ever for the high priest group party.   I did some research, made my plans, spent too much money, and put way more effort than I should have to create a Zombie Apocalypse Survival Kit.    

I put in all these fun things (along with a bunch of snacks on the bottom layer)....

I made this Zombie Identification Guide with pictures of men from our ward.    I was totally prepared for it to be the hit gift of the night.  Everyone would laugh and everyone would fight for it. 

That afternoon Glen found out that his job was ending in February.  His super sensitive HR director pulled him out of his work Christmas party to let him know.   

We didn't really feel much like partying at that point, but I had this super cool gift and some fun festive clothes to wear, so we went anyway.  
And it was all a HUGE flop.  The gift was the first one picked of the night and no one paid it one iota of attention.  It never got stolen and the people who got it couldn't have cared less and didn't even laugh at all the funny details I'd added, then they left early.   Combined with finding out about Glen's job, it all felt like a colossal waste of our time and money.  Next year, I'm definitely just going to the thrift store to buy something stupid, because clever/funny seems too elusive for me.

(And apparently I'm still a bit bitter about it six months later)!


Right at the end of December, I ended my year-long chocolate fast.  It was amazing and I ate waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay  too much of it and made myself sick. 

And here are some more random pictures from December.

Our ugly sweaters....

Our Sunday best....

An epic Scrabble game with my brother Nate.

A new dam shirt my sister got for me...

Cami's best friend Katy got home from her mission....

It's crazy to me how much Ellie looks like her cousin, Bridgette!   

More random pictures....

Thursday, June 28, 2018

November 2017--Thanksgiving in Utah

We serendipitously happened upon great prices for airline tickets, so we decided to go to Utah for Thanksgiving.   It had been a number of years since we'd been there for a holiday, so it was extra fun to be there and have a good excuse to see lots of extended family as well.

One of my girls' favorite activities at Grandma and Grandpa's house is to play dress-up with the old prom dresses that belonged to me and my sisters.  I was excited to join them this year and was thrilled when I fit into my dress from 25-years ago!

We also took advantage and went on a few hikes.

We hiked the Y twice....once by ourselves....

and once with the Bournes.  The Bournes are good friends of ours from here in Virginia and now that Cami is married to their oldest son, I guess we're related too!  {NOTE:  Cami was still on her mission at this point}

Adam and I hiked up to Rock Canyon, where Daddy proposed to me all those years ago.  

Meanwhile, Emma hung out with friends from home on BYU campus--Miko, Rachel, and Diana.   They showed her around and got her extra excited to be a student there someday!  

We also discovered a fun new ice cream place.  It's inside the restaurant, "Good Thyme Eatery" on Center Street.  It's called, "Roll with It" and they make the best rolled ice cream around.  I ate a non-dairy version and honestly thought it was the best non-dairy ice cream I'd ever eaten.

They all start off as liquid and the worker makes it into ice cream on a super cold metal surface right in front of you.  Yum!

We spent a lot of time at BYU....

We went to Glen's cousin Stephanie's baby blessing....

We loved the opportunity to spend time with my sister, K and her family who were visiting from California...

The kids enjoyed the opportunity to spend time with their cousins...

We also got to see lots of extended family....including my Uncle Buddy, his family, my Nana....

and lots of my Mom's siblings that came to Thanksgiving dinner at my parents' house.

We randomly decided to try running a 5K race on Thanksgiving morning.   I struggled in the altitude, but somehow still finished 2nd in my age group.  Granted, with my advanced age, that doesn't mean much, but I was still proud.  Don't laugh at my obnoxious running apparel....I did not come prepared to run a race and the pilgrim hats were part of the "costumes" that they provided.

Here are the goofy t-shirts we got from the race....

I made and ate lots of pie....

And just enjoyed the opportunity to spend time with some of my family that I don't get to see as often.

I'm sure that lots more happened in November, but this is all the blog is getting this year.  :) 

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