Thursday, January 17, 2019

Smokin' Hot

I got Glen a smoker for Christmas.  


Because he's smokin' hot...
and I like good food....

especially food that I didn't cook myself. 

Note to self (and any potential smoker users out there that might be reading this post):   
Electric smokers don't work at temperatures below freezing.  


Electronic thermometers are NOT meant to be placed IN the oven/smoker. 

We learned both things the hard way (yes, that's a melted thermometer that had never been used before)

 The good news is...

 meat slow cooked in the oven is pretty good too... 

and some goat cheese stuffed peppers and a hearty salad on the side will make it a downright delicious meal (some homemade keto friendly brownies will also help)! 

Now here's looking forward to warmer days and some more meat smoking adventures with my smokin' hot man! 

Monday, January 14, 2019

Weekend 1-2-3

Here's the Weekend 1-2-3:

This girl landed a jump wrong in ballet on Friday and spent the weekend hobbling around on crutches.  Luckily she seems to be doing much better already, so hopefully she'll be back to pliĆ©-ing again in no time!  

It snowed about 10-inches on Saturday and Sunday...

meaning that all our activities were cancelled...even church!   Glen had a bajillion meetings he was supposed to go to on Sunday, so we didn't complain too much about the bonus day at home together!  

We worked hard (especially shoveling out from that mess)

but we also played hard...watching movies, playing board games, and enjoying all that white fluffy stuff we haven't seen too much of the past couple of years!  

Sure love this family of mine! 

Thursday, January 10, 2019

2018 in Review

There are a gazillion things that happened this year that deserve a blogpost of their own, but, for the sake of not getting so overwhelmed that I end up not blogging again, I'm going to jam-pack everything all into one big "Year in Review" post.  Then I can blog from where I am again.    

Hold on was a BIG year!!!    

January--Cami came home from her 18-month mission to France.

February--Cami spent February at home, moved to Utah right at the end, and got officially engaged as soon as she arrived in Utah.

March--Wedding planning and a spring break trip to Savannah, Georgia.

April--Cami and Garrett's wedding in the Salt Lake Temple on April 21.

May--Glen, Cami, Garrett, and me take a trip to France to visit Cami's mission.


June--WE plan like crazy  for the Virginia wedding reception and after that's over... YW camp.

Random trip to the Bible Museum

YW Camp--2018

July--Trip to Utah for Katy's wedding, EFY for Adam, Youth conference trip to Kirtland (Glen, Adam, and Emma), as much fishing as possible.

August--We started eating the keto diet.  Adam and Ellie performed in a local production of "Lion King, Jr".  Emma was the stage director.  We celebrated reaching our summer goals!

 I make bucketloads of sugar- and pectin-free jam...

September--Started 6-week long road trip around the country
Ugh....this could be twenty blogposts all by itself, so here are some highlights:

Carlsbad Caverns: 

Grand Canyon:

 Hoover Dam:
Las Vegas:  

Joshua Tree National Park:

Southern California (K's house):

My sister surprised us and flew Spencer and Cami into town for the weekend!

October--Spent the month on the road and got home right before Halloween/Emma's 18th birthday.

November--Came home and got back to real life, including Glen starting a job in Philadelphia

December--More real life, getting ready for Christmas, and a full house for Christmas

Ellie's first stake dance...


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