Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Embracing Boringness

 I'm in a blogging rut.

  •  My kids are cute, but no cuter than they were yesterday. 
  • We're two months away from the next family birthday, although according to Ellie it's coming very soon. 
  • No one's won any awards.
  • Spencer still gives me dirty looks whenever I pull out the camera. 
  • It still hasn't snowed more than a half-inch, although we did get an ice storm last night, which did give the kids their first full snow day, but didn't make for great snowman material (or photo-ops). 
I feel like I've morphed into a run-of-the-mill mommy blogger. 

Don't get me wrong....I totally love mommy blogs all the way and fully admit that mine is and always has been a mommy blog.   However, I have this slight phobia of being totally normal.   I think it stems from coming from a big family or something.  If I don't do something different, I might get lost in the crowd. 

Problem is, I am a very routine person who rarely does anything truly interesting....

So I've made an executive decision.

Rather than continuing to fight my natural boringness and getting discouraged when I fail,  I've decided that it's time to embrace normalcy wholeheartedly. 

I am normal. 

.... just like this speed limit sign. 



melissa said...

I really enjoyed this post...can't quite explain it but I did... and have tried to post twice but then get called away ;)

If this is boringness well keep on being boring because I rather enjoy reading about it all!

Deanne said...

What a bizarre sign. I've never seen 18mph. Where is this?

Oh, and thanks for the soup recipe. We had it last night with some fresh bread - delicious!

annalisa said...

Lara, you make me laugh! That's all.

Andrea said...

Hahaha! I laughed out loud when I saw that sign.

R said...

I love your blogs. You are an extraordinary person who accomplishes more in one day than I can in a month. Where in the world did you find an 18 MPH sign?

Steve said...

You will never ever be boring. A tiny bit eccentric, but never boring.

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