Friday, January 14, 2011

Weekly Round-up

Favorite Quote of the Week:  Adam asked me, "Mom, why aren't any of the people wearing boots and this is supposed to be a BOOT camp exercise video?" I added boots.

Sad Moment of the Week:   At Ellie's winter party today, they were playing a group game with everyone sitting in a circle.  Ellie was bending over slightly while having a seizure.  A teacher, unfamiliar with her epilepsy, started giving her a lambasting 2 minute lecture about how kids in his class that don't sit up straight get sent to the nurse's office (and on and on).  When she finally "came to" she had absolutely no idea why she was being scolded and was completely mortified.  I was livid at him, because epilepsy or not, I do not believe kindergartners should be embarrassed and lectured in that manner. 

Stressful Moment of the Week:  I taught a Relief Society activity night on Wednesday.  While I am a person who likes to be busy, the whole experience definitely made me realize that I'm not cut out for high stress life (or for teaching people over the age of 3).  On the bright side, I haven't slept as soundly as I did on Wednesday night in a long, long time! 

Happy Moment of the Week:  Glen's taking me on a date tonight!  With teenagers in the house, it shouldn't be such a rare occasion, but it seems that our teens' social lives seem to keep getting in the way of ours.    We're trying out a new Lebanese restaurant not far from home and I'm having a hard time deciding that I want to make dinner for the rest of my family.  

Favorite Recipe of the Week:  Tomato-Basil Parmesan Soup in my brand-new crockpot!   Loved the low-stress and loved the soup!   
Proud Moment of the Week:   I flipped my own pizza crust.... 

PS  Don't worry, while I didn't say anything in front of the whole class, that rude teacher did hear from me later. 



Aitch said...

Sounds like quite the busy week.

I sure hope you gave Ellie's teacher his own lambasting!

Have fun on your date tonight. I don't think I have tried Lebanese food before.

Denise said...

OMGOSH! Lara. That is awful. I would have marched right to the principal as well and demanded that any person in that school that even comes in contact with Ellie be educated about her situation and what they should do.

And you are totally right, no kindergartener should be subject to that type of behavior! egads. I would have been just so angry!

Lisa @ Pulsipher Page said...

What a week! Glad you "explained" to the teacher proper behavior. Me and the hubs are trying out a new Mexican restaurant tonight too. Have a great weekend! I have to teach on Sunday. So my stress is still not over.

Matthew K said...

I am glad that you got to go on a date!!
That teacher, by the way, has serious issues and I concur that the principal needs to know about this incident. I suspect that I would have been much less nice to him, than you likely were and you probably were not very nice.

Nacho Libre said...

In relation to that teacher, all I have to say is "A nice piledrive to the face, a punch to the face." But then maybe not "because, it is in the Bible not to wrestle your neighbour."

Deanne said...

That soup sounds delicious. Now I'm off to check your recipe blog!

mom said...

Just thinking about what that teacher did to Ellie makes me so angry, and I still think the principal should be notified because what he did is totally inappropriate for any teacher let alone a kindergarten teacher.

So glad you liked the soup. Hope you had fun on your date.

Katie said...

Thank goodness you were willing to tolerate the Wednesday stress, because that was SUCH a treat for me. Thank you!

And thank goodness you didn't publish the name of that teacher, because the rest of us would probably go cause him a little stress of his own...

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