Friday, January 28, 2011

Mid-Winter Break

Finally!  Snow!  Eight inches of real snow (plus some rain, sleet, and thunder snow)!

With no school for seven straight days (3 snow days + 2 teacher work days on Monday, Tuesday) my kids are enjoying their 2nd winter break of the year and I am trying to keep up with the pile of soaked snow clothes that have taken over our entry way.  

I thought I'd make this post a little glimpse of  what everyone has been up to the past couple of days:   

Emma:  After initially being disappointed at not being able to present her Secret Garden project at school, she caught the spirit by staying in her pajamas all day and playing outside and rereading her Harry Potter book for the third time through. 

Ellie:   Ellie sure misses her routine when they're out of school, but she's used the snow days as an opportunity to revisit her hidden fashionista side, by  changing her outfits several times a day.  She hasn't done it as much since starting kindergarten, so I actually found it quite charming and cute, however  I'll refrain from speaking of the laundry pile that has resulted. 

Spencer:  Shoveling last year's record-breaking snowstorms funded his fun money for an entire year (plus college/mission savings), so he's the one who's been most waiting with baited breath for some real snow this year.  Much to his own happiness, he had many eager customers, who were happy to refill his coffers. 

Glen:  With tales of horrific 11+ hour commutes and hundreds of abandoned cars left on roadways, it's times like these that we are so very happy to live so close to the Metro.  He walked right by all of the stalled cars,  making it home in a mere 20 minutes from the Metro, rather than the hour plus it likely would've taken to drive the mere mile or longer to drive from downtown.   

Adam:  Snow days are three big things to this boy....staying in his pajamas all day, every day, playing outside in the snow, and playing MarioKart on the Wii until mommy makes him stop.  

Rocky:  A social dog, this guy is loving all the extra attention (and food crumbs) that the snow days are bringing.  He even is getting in on the piano practicing and without a lot less grumbling than the rest of them. 

Lara:  (sorry no picture of me) The snow day gave me a perfect excuse to have the kids try a new cupcake recipe I've been wanting to post on the recipe blog.   Besides this one activity, though, I am totally off my groove.  With Glen home sick early in the week and the now the kids home with their snow days, I am longing for a little routine and Lara time. 

Cami:   After helping an older neighbor lady dig out for free, Spence allowed her to help with their paid shoveling venture for a while.  While shoveling, a lady commented that she was very industrious and reminded her of the Great Depression.  Cami was a little perplexed at whether to be insulted or complimented by the comment. 

My goals for the rest of our Winter Break #2 include:
Not catching the stomach bug that laid Glen out for 3 days. 

Wearing my sweats/pajamas as often as possible.

Exercising at least once or twice. 

Playing a board game with the kids at least once a day. 

Trying not to go too crazy at the fact that  the older kids  are staying up super late and the younger kids are still waking up at their normal time.

Take more pictures.


Denise said...

I have been enjoying taking pictures of the kids and the snow.

My bout of snow shoveling kicked my butt and had me wishing spencer lived closer. : )

I love how the kids just want to stay in their pajamas. That's Mikayla's goal for this long weekend.

Wonder what she'll wear to church.

Clarinda said...

Rocky is so cute! I love that he takes his piano practicing so seriously. :)

Your kids don't seem dressed appropriately for snow. Oh wait! Snow doesn't come with the frigid MN temps??

Enjoy your long weekend, and good luck with your goals.

Deanne said...

We're loving the spontaneous winter break as well...although by the 7th day out of routine I'll be ready for school to start again!

Emma said...

I saw Rocky playing the piano(there
was something he wanted on the piano).

Steve-Rosanna said...

Nothing better than an unexpected snow day. Unfortunately, they were all too rare in the Anoka-Hennepin School District.

We once heard that after 20+ inches of fresh fallen snow that every school district in the Twin Cities was closed except AHD. We later heard that the infamous superintendent had phoned in from a vacation in Florida to declare that school must go on! Not an urban legend, but life in the Anoka-Hennepin district.

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