Monday, January 31, 2011

Ode to Whatever

I’m just experimenting with the blog and posting pictures in a new format and I have absolutely nothing significant to say, other than I could really, really, really use a little sunshine right now. 

Um, never mind.  I still don’t have anything significant to say, but that’s never stopped me from writing a blogpost before, so, in honor of all that is insignificant…

Ode to Whatever   

O Winter, o winter.
O how you make my skin splinter.
I like having four seasons,
But for a myriad of reasons
Every winter seems like a bummer
Making me long for the sunshine of summer.
You take my Vitamin D
And my humor and energy,
And leave in its place, scaly skin
And the feeling that I just can’t win. 
I think I need a week or two in Hawaii,
but that would be almost impossible to rhyme with,
so I won’t try-aye-ee.
O winter,  dinter, winter.

PS  Before anyone tells me how sunshiny/beautiful/mild/non-cold it is where they live, just consider yourself warned…

Not only am I short on sleep, out of routine with my kids in the middle of a seven day break from school (3 snow days + the weekend + 2 teacher work days), have a grumpy/sick spouse, and a to-do list that’s 1000 feet long, but I’m also in sugar withdrawal and have freakishly long toes.  

Have a nice day!


mom said...

So sad that Glen is still sick. I really like all the pictures and you look so skinny, WOW! Like your ode too.

Denise said...

it's cold and miserable where i am lara. : )

the photos look great!

melissa said...

great pictures! if I could I'd send some sunshine your way!! but there's none over here!

Karey said...

I can definitely identify with you, Lara! I would kill for a nice sunshiny spring day!

alexandra said...

Calling your toes "freakishly long" is a little harsh, isn't it???

And don't worry, the weather stinks where I am, too. I'd also like a week or two in Hawaii (I can at least try-aye-ee!).

Dad-Mom said...

Oh dear daughter-you have come so far from the S.A.D. days of your youth-when the dark, cold, dreary Minnesota winters were not happy times for you and several other family members. Too bad that we did not know more back then about Vitamin D and artificial sunshine lights.

But, I agree that you and your poor sick husband do need a week or two in the tropics! Let us know when you are ready to go and we will send mom out for a week or so to babysit the kiddos. ;o)

Charlene said...

I'm cold too and I'm praying this next storm will pass quickly and my kids head back to school on Wednesday!!!

annalisa said...

Lara, you look really good and your children are adorable :)

The snow looks like fun! I think ;)

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