Monday, January 31, 2011


Running, slipping, sledding, jumping, wrestling….

Homemade hot chocolate NOT FROM A MIX….

Homemade peppermint swirled marshmallows….

Hot chocolate worth the  pain the lactose inflicts on me….
Good thing the sugar content means I can only have it once a week or Glen would have to start sleeping in another room.  °Ü° 



Denise said...

i'll trade you a dinner for homemade hot chocolate and homemade marshmallows.

wow. yum.

annalisa said...

That looks lovely! If you want to send some hot chocolate and marshmallows this way, I'd be OK with that :)
I didn't realize you could make homemade marshmallows, although I guess it's probably just mainly sugar.

Reynolds Rundown said...

Why the title change??? Did you lose your nerve for the 13 year old boy humor?

Deanne said...

Yeah, I didn't notice the title change until I read the comments. My comment was going to be:
I figured with the title that you were going to write about having to drive all around town, wasting your gas. I was pleasantly surprised at your post and enjoyed a good chuckle. =)

mom said...

It sounded good until the peppermint marshmallows YUCK!

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