Friday, April 8, 2011

Spontaneous Girls Day Out

What do you do when your daughter's homeschooling Statesman class is canceled for the day? 

Clean the house? 


Do your logic assignment?


Go running?


Go on an educational field trip?


You throw caution to the wind and spontaneously go to the mall and have some grownup girl bonding time.....

....including some spontaneous new summer haircuts. 

I admit that it probably doesn't look to different to most of you, but I did get about 4 inches off and a some layers that give it a little more style.    I like the new light feeling! 
 The hairdresser scooped out a big scolding about my grown out roots and unhealthy home-dyed hair, but other than that I totally enjoyed the time with Cami and can proudly say that I spent less than $10 on our mall trip (other than the haircuts).
Now I'm thinking it's time to lock Cami up.  

That and equip Glen and Spence with some big sticks to shoo away the guys!



Grandpa-Grandma said...

Totally love both of your new haircuts. Very classy and summery. Sounds like your mom/daughter trip was a great success. Thanks for sharing your experiences.

Deanne said...

You both look great! And wow, Cami looks so grown up!

Aitch said...

Sounds like a fun day! You both look gorgeous!

angela said...

Those are some gorgeous women!

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