Wednesday, April 6, 2011

A Fresh Start

While cleaning out the feng shui disaster we like to call our bedroom, I found some long-lost items, a few of which we'd almost given up hope of ever seeing again.  Forget the couch cushions....after 10 years in the same house, it seems that our bedroom is a collecting spot for junk from around the whole house. 

We found things like....

our TV remote (missing for months)
the GPS (found "filed" with the bills if you could call a drawer full of bills "filed")
the fingernail clippers (long since replaced)
an unopened letter from a friend who has since passed away (postmarked in October)
my favorite pair of jeans (yay!)
Glen's black fleece jacket (he was quite frustrated not to be able to take it with him to China)

Can you believe it actually said, "Goodbye" on the envelope? 
It made us sad that we'd never responded. 

So now that we've thrown away the junk, rediscovered some treasures, and have a fresh(er) start, I decided that it's time to take control.

I think I'll start by wearing my favorite jeans to bed and keeping the GPS in the car.  And maybe posting a sign like this on our door. 

I'm sure it will work, but on the off chance it doesn't I've also decided that a trip to Ikea might help too.   Any words of wisdom for me before I go?     



Karey said...

When I am at IKEA, it is simultaneously fun and excruciating. Too many options for an indecisive one like me. I usually try to do my shopping online, pick out what I think I want, then go to IKEA to verify. That's less overwhelming to me, for some reason. Good luck!

Denise said...

buy a few more containers than you think you will need. When you really get to'll wish you had more.

Deanne said...

Oooh, I've been thinking my house needs a trip to ikea too! Can't wait to see what you get...maybe it will give me some ideas. I feel like you can't go wrong with their Expedit cube shelves.

Steve-Rosanna said...

As soon as you finish up at your house, will you please schedule a trip to visit us? We need a home makeover-which begins with an unjunking and uncluttering phase.

We seriously need your skills!

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