Sunday, April 3, 2011

super hard quiz

What's the best part about General Conference weekend? 
(see correct answer at the bottom)

a)  a week off from our church callings

b)  our Sunday morning traditional homemade doughnuts

 c)  the chance to work on some long-forgotten projects

d) the chance to stay in our pajamas all day

e)  the chance to snuggle and, um, relax for a couple of hours at a time

f)  or for those under age 10, the chance to expend a little energy

g)  the chance to listen to our prophet and other General Authorities testify of Christ and instruct us on how to be happier people
h)     All of the Above

Happy General Conference weekend! 

ǝʌoqɐ ǝɥʇ ɟo llɐ--ɥ    :zınb pɹɐɥ ɹǝdns ǝɥʇ oʇ ɹǝʍsuɐ



K said...

I'm so glad to finally get a glimpse of your basement Lara! (o:
Glad you had a nice "relaxing" weekend and that Glen is home!

Deanne said...

We do many of those same things here and love conference weekend for that. Although we don't do the doughnuts, which look the recipe on your other blog?

meeks said...

I can't wait for our conference weekend next week!
Actually my stomach has started groaning since I looked at the photo of your doughnuts. Can we please get a recipe and a "how to"...please! (my tummy is begging you!)

alexandra said...

You and Glen definitely look "relaxed".

Does the period go before or after the quotations? I always forget.

Anyway, I live for conference weekends too, for all of the same reasons as you (substituting cinnamon rolls for doughnuts - though I could be tempted to change that tradition!).

Aitch said...

So much better than back in the day when we had to dress up and sit in the hard pews for every session of conference! The pews were probably better at keeping you awake though :o)

R said...

I always look forward to General
Conference. We used to take the whole family to church for all the sessions. If I remember correctly, for the afternoon sessions since hardly anyone else was there, we would just go into a classroom with the sound piped in and let you color, etc. during the session. It is so much nicer to be able to stay at home and sit on a soft couch during conference.

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