Sunday, April 10, 2011

RIP: Faithful Desktop

Our desktop died this weekend.  It was a virus that wiped out everything, then turned the computer off by itself.    I will take it in to try to salvage it, but I feel pretty sure that it will never quite be the same.  

It's the first time in our history of being computer owners that we've ever had a computer lose everything and it's quite disconcerting. 

I am mad that there are stupid people out there who take pleasure in creating havoc with people's computers on purpose. 

I am relieved that most of the important things are backed up on a back-up hard, documents, etc.

I am worried about our I-Tunes, since I never could figure out how to back it up  to our back-up hard drive and we have a lot of songs on there.

I am kicking myself that I didn't renew our virus protection immediately, but instead let a couple of weeks go by before renewing it.  By then it was too late.   

I am sad about having to spend the money to buy a new computer. 

I am excited to have a fresh start with a fast new computer that doesn't slow down to a crawl every time I open my Adobe Photoshop Elements. 

I am so happy that my friend emailed me recently and asked me to email her my sacrament meeting program templates, so that I had them easily accessible in my email sent file on Saturday, rather than having to figure out how to transfer files from my back-up hard drive to my mac. 

I am also grateful for another friend who was willing to stay up late on a Saturday night and print the program for me, since my laptop has no way to connect to the printer. 

I am already annoyed at having to share my laptop with the whole family. 

RIP faithful desktop. :(


annalisa said...

Poor desktop. It really was a goner :(

Your new computer will be awesome though!

K said...

That hurts! I agree with you, why can't the hackers actually prove that they do have brains and use them to better the world instead of being destroyers of good things. Just had to get a trojan virus off my computer and I think the people who make viruses should just be called criminals not hackers. R

K said...

That last comment is from Mom.

My laptop dies recently and it was such a sad day for me. It wasn't even a virus, but rather Madeline dropping it one too many times.

Katie said...

Another reason you're amazing - If my computer died and I blogged about it, you would be more likely to find profanity than words like, "happy," "relieved," OR "excited." You are a much better sport than me!

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