Monday, April 25, 2011

What Happens....

What happens when Lara goes on a five-day blogging break, including three whole days without her computer? 

Besides Lara starting to refer to herself in third person, she ends up with a backlog of a gazillion pictures and no idea where to start. 

So after consulting with her son's cootie catcher, she's decided to go all out of order and start with the Easter pictures....before covering their exciting weekend and subsequent  day of birth celebrations. 

Since we arrived back into town late on Saturday night, there were no dyed eggs or anything for an egg hunt in the morning, but that didn't stop the Easter Bunny from bringing way too much candy for us to munch on for breakfast, lunch, pre-dinner snack, and dinner. 

The kids, not about to be left out of multi-colored finger stains,  spent the afternoon dyeing eggs, with an old-fashioned dye kit.

While Cami and I tie-dyed eggs....

which were literally dyed using old silk ties from the thrift store. 

After the eggs were colored, the kids wouldn't stop obsessing about having an Easter egg hunt, so we decided that for the sake of family peace that perhaps the Easter bunny should do a little belated hiding....

For dinner we had our traditional Chicken Cordon Blue (made by Glen), mashed potatoes (made by Glen), and some biscuits.  We had intended on making a delicious pie for dessert as well, but in the end decided that the 47 pounds of chocolate we each ate would most likely suffice as a dessert status. 
What was your Easter like?  Do you have any really cool traditions? 



Momma Nielson said...

Those eggs are beautiful! I've never seen that technique using ties. Very cool!

angela said...

Thos eggs are amazing! You always have the coolest ideas for holidays.

Deanne said...

I love the tie-dyed eggs. I saw that technique online, but decided I didn't have enough ambition to try it this year. Maybe once Sophie is Cami's age. =)

If you want to talk Easter Traditions, my family has a unique one, it's called "dupfing". It's a Swiss tradition from my grandparents. It's a competition that involves one person tapping the "head" (pointy side) of their egg with the "head" of their opponents egg. Then turn the eggs over and tap the "butts" (rounded end) together. The winner is the egg that didn't crack. We had many rousing competitions growing up (and still today). =) Hmm, you just gave me an idea for a blog post.

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