Monday, April 11, 2011

Family Home Evening in the Fast Lane

Part 1:  A trip to the school to see Emma's science fair project.  "Spritz! The Effect of Different Household Cleaners on Different Household Stains"  where they proved that Windex worked the best and that vinegar and water was equally effective as the eco-friendly Seventh Generation brand.    In other words, if you're going with organic cleaners, you may as well save your money and just use vinegar and water. 
 Part 2:  (no pictures)  Easter lesson in the car with Adam teaching us about the Last Supper and Ellie chiming in about Christ's birth. 

Part 3:  A family trip to Red Mango for the best darn frozen yogurt ever.  I am a fan of the  Pomegranate flavor and the kids just like that they can serve themselves.   

I figure that the fact that we had FHE at all will hopefully make up for the fact that we hurriedly put the kids to bed as soon as we got home...skipping story time, so Glen could work on our taxes and I could make a small dent in the disaster that seems to have consumed our house ever since I started focusing on organizing our bedroom. 



K said...

Sounds like a great FHE to me! I especially like that Adam and Ellie taught the lesson and the ice cream afterwards!

Deanne said...

Mmm, Red Mango. That sounds like a place I need to check out.

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