Wednesday, March 30, 2011

True Blue?

Here's a glimpse at Ellie and Emma all geared up for college spirit day at their school.  BYU had sadly just lost their game to Florida the night before, keeping them out of Elite Eight, but it didn't dampen Ellie's and Emma's Cougar spirit whatsoever.  Ellie even  wore pants for the second time all year, since she didn't think that the shirt matched with any of her skirts!   

Here's a little glimpse at Adam, though,  that very same day : 

Nope....not a stitch of Cougar apparel.  Apparently he believed  that wearing a cutesy Cougar on his shirt would drop his manliness level down a few notches, and that was definitely not a sacrifice he was willing to make for showing a little Cougar pride amongst his peers.  I'm thinking a little updated Cougar apparel might be in order sometime soon!

Just for the record:  I would happily wear the cutesy Cougar any day of the week! 



Aitch said...

Love their school spirit!

It looks like Emma could use a shopping trip with Aunt H. Feel free to send her out for a visit anytime :o)

Cosmo the Cougar said...

My classy little Cougs! We gotta get Adam outfitted properly.

Ain't it great to be a Cougar?!?

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