Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Random Gloats

I'm busting with good, healthy pride on this bright sunshiney morning and I just can't hold in the following gloats a minute longer: 

  • I fed my family beef three times in one week---an old fashioned roast in the crockpot, then with the leftovers some beef taquitos, then French dip sandwiches in the crockpot (taquitos and French dip recipes coming soon to the Recipe Shoebox).  My boys, in particular, were extremely happy with random beef kick and hope that the roasts go on sale buy one, get one free again soon.  That's more beef than they usually get in three months' time.
  • My nephew, Davin, is only fifteen months old, but already he knows how to perform mouth-to-mouth on poor pathetic animals. 
  • I made my own hummus for the first time and really, really liked how it turned out.  (recipe coming soon to the Recipe Shoebox)

  • My niece, Bridgette, is showing herself to be quite the  fashionista, well taught by her older cousin, Ellie

  • Glen just procured tickets for the whole family to Wicked, showing at the Kennedy Center this summer!  Woo hoo!
  • My nephew Davin is showing himself to be multi-talented with quite the dramatic piano and vocal duets with Emma. 
  • My nephew, Lincoln, at age 2 has better hand-eye coordination than me as a grown adult. He was quite enamored with Adam's Legos and showed quite the knack for building and creating.  Next time the tiny little screw comes out of Emma's glasses, I'm giving this guy a call! 

  • Yesterday alone, I got 23 new followers on the Recipe Shoebox and 18 new followers on my FHE blog.  Apparently my blogs were both spotlighted on Sugardoodle.net's Facebook page.  I was feeling pretty cool about it, until I saw how many hits I got for the day (over 1300 extra hits over my normal Monday for the Recipe blog, and over 1000 extra for the FHE blog) and realized that that's a pathetically small percentage of people who clicked and decided to follow.   Still, I'm definitely not complaining or anything. Thank you Sugardoodle!  I hope you enjoyed the Chicken Crescents!   :)
Yay for my mommy's blogs! 
  • My sister, AnnaLisa, got a cool new job and will be moving back this way.  That will mean that we're back up to four of the eight Crain kids living in the DC area.  We are patiently awaiting the arrival of the remaining hold-outs to make their pilgrimage. 

  • Ellie got up to bear her testimony on Sunday, then chickened out.  Glen was gravely embarrassed, since he is a champion of proper testimony bearing, but it did get me to break out of my comfort zone and bear my testimony in her place...the first time in too long. 
  • I got in a fender bender yesterday and was nice and polite, despite being annoyed at being hit.  It probably helped that our bumper performed its job perfectly and didn't do any damage other than to my pride,  since I had not expected to have to interact with anyone while I was wearing  my cozy new bathrobe out of the house.
  • In a moment of reflection, I've decided to rename myself Lara "Humble", since humility comes so easily to me.  :)



annalisa said...

You got in a fender bender?! Where? What happened? That's kind of funny that you were in your bathrobe ;)

I still think that dogs licking faces is gross. But that's just me.

I'm so excited for Wicked! It's going to be wicked awesome! (I know I'm so funny;)

The nieces and nephews are so cute! I love all of the pictures.

Deanne said...

You have so much to be proud of! Low percentage or not, getting more followers for your other blogs is totally cool. Those other people that decided not to follow you just don't know a good thing when they see it. I love your blogs! (I'm not sure I'm even a follower, but I do follow them via RSS feeds!)
Can't wait to check out your new recipes!

K said...

Can I tell you how jealous I am that four of you live in the DC area? I really hoped to get AnnaLisa here, so that the pilgrimage to SoCal would start among our siblings. Maybe next year, someone will come.

Katie said...

I enjoyed both your testimonies! Ellie must be wise enough to know that all someone like her has to do is smile and say her name, and rest of us can feel the spirit.

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