Thursday, August 16, 2007

Ellie's Fashion Tips

In case you're looking for some fashion tips, look no further...Ellie to the rescue.

Ellie's Fashion Tips
with illustrations (in order)

#1: Twisted swimsuits are very "in" this year and really it's quite attractive to put both legs through the same leg hole.
#2: A mitten on one foot and a glove on the other keeps things interesting.
#3: Winter boots and pigtails are classics that will never go out of style!
#4: Pants are over-rated.
#5: Tights and t-shirts under a swimsuit make you stand out in a crowd.
#6: Wearing your pants tucked underneath your tights is very attractive and provides a nice cushion should you happen to fall.
#7: You can never go wrong with a pink tutu and cute hat!
#8: If the twisted swimsuit look didn't work out for you, then try the swimsuit inside-out and backwards!
#9: When all else fails wear a dinosaur costume. If anyone says something you don't like you can just growl at them.
#10: MOST IMPORTANTLY....change clothes as often as possible.


Aitch said...

Love the outfits! Especially the swimsuit over a t-shirt and tights--definitely a classic. What a cutie pie!

K said...

HA HA! Ellie obviously has impeccable taste in fashion, since she looks cute in every single outfit!

Karey said...

You guys crack me up! Ellie is definitely showing an affinity to fashion. Watch out world!

Steve-Rosanna said...

Came running into the room to find mom laughing so hard that I thought she was crying. But, after perusing the Ellie fashion show I joined her in laughter.

What a cutie pie!!

Definitely a "supermodel" in training!

Love, Grandpa and Grandma Crain

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