Sunday, August 5, 2007

Just Like Old Times...Tubing Down the Apple River

I'll be the first to admit that my first trip back to Minnesota in 11 years was one filled with nostalgia, which ended up being quite an important factor in planning our itinerary (filled with visiting old friends, attending my old ward, driving by old houses, jobs, and my HS...boy all these olds make me seem old!).
One of our nostalgic activities was tubing down the Apple River. When I was in YW so many years ago we would regularly tube down this lazy, shallow river in nearby Wisconsin. I thought that it would be something the kids would really enjoy and they'd get to try out a little Midwestern life, so it seemed natural to add this into our plans.

It did turn out to be a great time for all, although it did take Adam a good 1 hour or more of the 3 hour trip to figure out it was actually fun and that it was okay to release his grip on our necks. Ellie was just mad at us, because not only was she missing her nap...but she REALLY wanted to be in her own tube! In the end everyone agreed that next time we come back to Minnesota that we'll definitely try it again!


Aitch said...

Wait a second . . . how come you didn't post the picture with you and Glen in your bathing suits?!

Lara said...

Hey don't tell our secrets! I was going to wait until I learned to photoshop 20 lbs. away.

Anonymous said...

Great pics. Looks like everyone is having fun. How long had it been - 11 years? I'm so glad you enjoyed your trip back there.


K said...

I think Andrew would've wanted his own tube just like Ellie. The two of them could've floated down the river together! HA! (o:

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