Thursday, August 23, 2007

Summertime musings...

Ahhhh it's that time of year. Everyone's either on vacation, just coming home, or in our case just leaving for one final hurrah to Busch Gardens. I can't lie...I am more excited than I've ever been in my entire life for school to start. It's been a LONG summer!

I really haven't had much time to pursue many of my own hobbies...this blog has been my guilty pleasure, whereas my scrapbooking, running, reading, card making, etc. have truly suffered from neglect lately. I have grand visions of how much easier life will be when I only have 2 kids at home during the day--only 11 more days! My scrapbooks will get caught up, I'll lose the extra weight, catch up on my reading, my house will be so organized--it'll be so great! Hehe! Maybe I'm getting a little carried away with my idealistic visions, but hey a girl's gotta dream!

So this picture is to show what I like to do for fun when there's actually a little time for fun in my life (only 272 more hours)! Cards. Cards have become my "mini-scrapbooking" when I need to let a little of my creative juices flow, without making quite the mess that scrapbooking makes.

As I sit here and type the call of my messy house, tired kids, and bags to pack are beckoning for some TLC, so away I go still dreaming...


Steve-Rosanna said...

You dear daughter need a real vacation. One with just you and Glen somewhere warm and quiet. Maybe in the Caribbean or maybe in Mexico.

A long week with no phones, e-mail, or blogs or scrapbooking.

Let us know when you want Mom to come out and take care of the kids!

Start planning now.

Love, Dad-Mom

K said...

I want you to live close so you can teach me how to make cards like that!

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