Monday, August 20, 2007

Cheap Entertainment...

...and a good use for all of my unfinished projects! Cami and Emma have raided my fabric drawers (you know all of that fabric I bought to make something really fun and never quite got around to it).
So they've taken my fabric and created these elaborate toga type outfits with capes and sashes. It's fun to watch them use their creativity and try out some new fashion, but I can't help but feel a twinge of guilt looking at them all wrapped up in the fabric that was supposed to be a really cute dress or frilly curtains for their bedroom!
In the midst of their fabric fashion escapades, they discovered a much more exciting that did not require creative wrapping. After many years hanging out of sight in the far end of my closet they found the two wedding dresses. They were in heaven as they tried on the mass of silky satin, beads, and lace (I on the other hand cried when I tried to join in on the fun and realized I couldn't zip mine up anymore) :( And just so you don't have any misconceptions about how many times I've been is mine and one is my sister, Kristina's, left long ago in my closet because she didn't think her 300 sq. ft. apartment in NYC had sufficient space to store it.

Hmmmm...I wonder where Ellie gets her flair for fashion from?

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