Thursday, August 30, 2007

My Life in Numb3rs

10: pm--the time Glen gets home on an average night
9: the average number of kids in and out of our house on a summer day
8: hundred dollars at Costco for replenishing the house after nearly running out of everything--including printer ink, laundry detergent, olive oil, tp, diapers, and various other pricey items...AAAACK! (Disclaimer: I hadn't been to Costco in 4 months and I've NEVER spent even half this amount before!)
7: th grade!!! we have a middle school student living in our house!

6: new conveniences this computer, high speed internet, new washer & dryer, new bathrooms, new microwave, and new curtains!!!5: number of times per week Cami cooks us up something delicious--pancakes, cookies, cinnamon rolls, French toast, lemon bars, etc. Yummmmm!
4: more days until school starts!!!!
3: the number of weeks this summer Glen has been out of town
2: full loads of dishes (at least) and another 2 full loads of laundry--each and every day!
1: am--the time I collapse into my bed each night


Aitch said...

What a crazy-busy life you have!

And $800 at Costco!!! That's my food budget for four months :o)

mom said...

Love your blog. Amazingly creative and interesting.

annalisa said...

oh how i miss you all! and i would have to agree with heather on the you have a crazy-busy life part! it is true.

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