Friday, August 3, 2007

Walking across the Mississippi: Everything's more fun in the rain

When I was a kid I used to love to tell people that I had walked across the Mississippi in my bare feet. Even in Minnesota, people were usually impressed or didn't believe me. So when we were making our plans for the trip home to my beloved Minnesota I knew that this experience had to be a part of our plans.
It was the only rainy day of our entire trip, and since it was sunny when we left the cabin we were ill prepared for the 3 hours of torrential downpours that followed...3 jackets and 3 towels were all that we had in the car!

Even through the torrents of rain our spirits were not dampened and in fact I think that since everyone was already soaking wet anyway that it diminished any hesitation that the kids had about walking across and soon they were just as soaked from the river as from the rain.
Just as we were getting ready to leave the sky cleared up and the torrents of people arrived. So we ran off to find a quick letterbox hidden nearby and left the dry people to dodge the crowds that had now taken over the headwaters. I'll take our soggy memories of the day and remind myself that everything is more fun in the rain!


Valerie said...

I was very glad to hear you walked across the Mississippi River rather than be thrown into by the bridge. We will miss seeing you this year but I guess we need to share.

SnoWhite said...

are you a native Minnesotan?!?! I did not know this :) I left my heart on the west-side of the Mississippi by about 5 miles!

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